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Photography Essay

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Joshua Mathews
Mr. Delnea
ENG2DN – 03
January 23, 2018
The Mayor of Casterbridge: Photography Essay
The scene that we chose to create a photograph for was a scene from chapter 26 – the
scene in which Farfrae and Henchard took the same slice of bread, from the plateful that Lucetta
had offered them, and tore it in two. I played the role of Mr. Henchard in the scene and the
caption that we chose was “Henchard took a slice by one end and Donald by the other; each
feeling certain he was the man meant; neither let go, and the slice came in two,” (Hardy 181).
We chose this quote as our caption because it describes both the actions and the emotions of
Henchard and Farfrae in the scene that we also tried to portray in our photograph.
This scene played quite a big part in the progression of the novel. In terms of the plot,
leading up to this scene, Henchard’s relationship with Farfrae had already started to diminish
after the phase of Farfrae reminding Henchard of his brother. Prior to this scene, Henchard and
Farfrae had already started to build up a rivalry. This is shown when Henchard tried organizing a
festival of his own after hearing Farfrae was doing one, however in the end “the sky […] was
overcast, and […] by three o’clock, Henchard discerned that his project was doomed to end in
failure,” (102). This rivalry was strengthened when Henchard told the townsmen at Farfrae’s
festival that “[Farfrae] is shortly going to leave [him]” (108), implying that he was no longer
going to have Farfrae work for him. The encounter at Lucetta’s house provided another large
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step in their rivalry because it was there where the idea that something might be going on
between Farfrae and Lucetta was bolstered. This affected Henchard quite severely as we know
that Henchard values love a lot and Lucetta was supposed to be his wife but Farfrae is taking her
away from him. An aspect of character development that we can observe in this scene is
Henchard’s confused state. This confusion, after a while, led to Henchard suffering and
eventually taking his life. A theme that could be recognized in the scene was anger. Even after
both noticed that the other was holding the same slice, neither even hesitated but rather wanted to
show that the offer was meant for themselves. Henchard is mad because Farfrae is getting
everything he wants, namely success and now his “supposed to be” future wife. Finally, a major
symbol in this scene was the slice of bread. This bread, to me, represents the friendship between
Henchard and Farfrae, and as it was broken, the complete end of the friendship was represented.
In the photograph, as stated before, I represent Henchard. For my clothes, I decided to
keep it a bit casual with a maroon sweater and black pants. Maroon is a shade of red and red is
the colour of desire and love representing Henchard’s love for Lucetta. Black is a shade that
represents power as Henchard is trying to show Farfrae and Lucetta that he still has power. For
physical appearance, I wore 4 hoodies underneath the sweater to duplicate Henchard’s large
body structure. When it came to facial expressions, I tried to portray anger towards Farfrae and
finally, for body language, I was slouching a bit to show that the confidence levels are no longer
at an all-time high, and contrary to the past, my life is diminishing in quality.