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Research Report
Ko Chiu Yu
Upload your files to IVLE > Files > student submission > Research Report.
Name your file using your group ID. You need to submit a two-page preliminary summary by the
end of the class and the final report is due on 16th Mar 2019 11:59:59pm.
This exercise aims to train your skills to write a professional research report. Imagine that you
are writing a report for a wealthy client who are thinking what to invest with free money. The
client does not have a lot of time to read so that you have to make it persuasive and concise.
• You are going to use all the techniques you learned in this class (including but not limited to,
fundamental analysis, technical analysis, factor pricing, event study...) to write a research
report. You are also welcome to use anything outside the class.
• Each group is given (randomly) a stock listed in Hong Kong. Two-page preliminary summary
is the executive summary of your report – telling your recommendation right away.
• For the final report, if the group size is n ≥ 2, you need to do relative comparison to closest
n − 1 firms. Say if you are in a group of three, you need find two related companies to
compare in greater details.
• The final report should be no more than 2 + 3n pages where n is the size of your group. I
will not read beyond the page limit. Page limit includes everything.
• The outlook and the first impression is crucial to the grade – similar to what you would be
facing when you go to work. You may use Microsoft word or other software.
• Name your file using group ID. For example, group 1 should submit Group1.pdf.
• Make your report colorful and readable. Using graphics, tables and charts to let your reader
to focus on key points. Avoid lengthly verbal description.
• Remember to make your report looks good. As Bill Gates puts it, “If you can’t make it
good, at least make it look good.”
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