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Instruction Sheet for Grading

Instruction Sheet for Grading
Student e-Portfolio Assignments
At ITT Tech, every course in every onsite program should have at least one assignment designated
for student portfolios. Students should upload this assignment and share it with the instructor for
grading. Faculty CANNOT assign grades to the assignment unless it is shared through the ePortfolio.
Directions for Faculty:
 Be sure to stress with students that they need to post the designated course assignment and share it
with you in order for you to grade it.
 When a student shares an assignment you will receive an email from Foliotek Presentation, subject line
“[student name] has shared a presentation portfolio with you.”
Make sure that emails from Foliotek do not go to your “Trash” or “Junk” mailbox.
Click here
 Click on the link in the email to view the student’s portfolio. Student assignments should be located on
the “Sample Projects” page of their portfolio.
Alternatively, you can visit http://www.foliotek.com, click on the "Sign In" link and then the "Sign in as
guest" link to manually enter the access key (listed in the email) and login to the presentation portfolio
at a later time.
 If there is a rubric for this assignment in the course’s instructor materials on the Curriculum
Management site of the faculty portal, use this rubric to help evaluate the student’s work. If no rubric
exists, grade the work and make comments to encourage students and suggest ways in which they can
improve their work.
 Regardless of your grading method, enter the portfolio assignment grades in the ITT Tech gradebook as
 For an introduction to ePortfolios, see the demo videos here: http://www.foliotek.com/demos (Scroll
down to where it says “Presentation – Getting Started”
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