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Computer maintenance

- is the practice of keeping computers in a good state of repair. A computer containing accumulated dust and debris may not run properly.

A desktop or laptop was designed to function at room's temperature. High temperatures can make your computer run slower and sluggish and sometimes even turn off without any warning. Low temperatures can also damage your computer, because your hardware components produce heat and in combination with low temperature the condensation effect appears.

Condensation will build on computer's components and cause them to degrade or even short out.

2 types of computer maintenance

Preventive maintenance

-taking charge of an equipment before a fault or failure occurs

-involves routine tasks to ensure that your system is running optimally and to avoid problems before they arise.

Corrective maintenance

-commonly referred to as "repair," is the correction of a problem after the computer has already broken down.

-restore operability to the system by either correcting the problem or replacing the damaged components.

Preventive installing Windows updates

Keeping your network secure, installing a firewall, and using safe downloading

Corrective removing viruses and malware uninstalling harmful programs

practices scanning for viruses and malware, and running cleaning programs. investing in a *surge protector and cleaning your equipment periodically to remove dust. have a backup for important files and

Investing in an external hard drive to save any important files should your computer need replacing.

Investing in a cooling fan/laptop cooler reformatting

Tools and materials in computer maintenance

Screwdriver set

Jewelers Screwdriver Set (for Laptops)

Clean cloth

-good tool for cleaning a computer because unlike paper towels, they shouldn't leave lint or other paper debris after you wipe down your computer. The cloth should be lint free and will be good for wiping down any surface of your computer.

Isopropyl Alcohol

-For computer cleaning you can use either pure isopropyl alcohol or 90 percent to 70 percent isopropyl alcohol. The alcohol will help clean germs from your computer.

Cotton Swabs

-Cotton swabs are handy for cleaning in hard to reach places on your computer. Just dip the cotton swabs into the isopropyl alcohol and use them to clean areas where the cloth won't reach.

Portable Vacuum

-A low powered vacuum is great for sucking out the dust and other debris that can get inside of your computer. You can use the vacuum to clean out the computer's vent or the inside of the computer. However, it is dangerous to use your regular vacuum because it

generates static electricity which can harm your computer. An alternative to this is a

computer cleaning brush, but it will not have that much of an impact compared to portable vacuums.