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How to Backup and Restore Outlook Account.

How to Backup/Restore Outlook
In the high demands of cyber security, it becomes essential to
back up email files. Since contacts and emails are the most
prominent aspects of Outlook account, therefore it is quite
necessary to back up your Outlook data in the most
convenient way. Microsoft Outlook automatically saves tasks,
messages, journal entries, contacts, appointments, notes and
others in one of the given locations:
a) In a personal storage folder as .pst file on hard disk drive.
b) In a mailbox, data is located on server if you use Outlook
with Microsoft Exchange Server.
What will happen if your data lose unexpectedly, experience a
hardware failure or have to transfer data from one computer or
hard disk drive to another computer/hard disk drive? To avoid
all such problems, it will be a wise decision to use a backup of
your .pst file. Outlook stores data in folders on the Exchange
Server if the Location field consists of a path to a file that has
the file name extension .ost.
1: Take backup of Outlook account.
1) Understand where Outlook stores data - All emails,
folders, contacts, calendars and more are stored in a
single .pst or .ost file on your computer. Simply copy the
file to create a full backup of your Outlook account.
2) Open folder that consist your Outlook data file Navigate to
ok". You can do this in the following ways:
Initially, display hidden files and then open an
Explorer window and navigate to this folder. To
display hidden files, just click the "View" tab and
select "Hidden items," or click "View" menu, select
"Folder options," and then check "Display hidden
files and folders." It will help you to see the
"AppData" folder in your User folder.
Press ⊞ Win, type %appdata% and press ↵ Enter to
open the "Roaming" folder. Go up one level so that
you're in "AppData" folder then open "Local" →
"Microsoft" → "Outlook"
In Windows XP, the location is C:\Documents and
Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application
3) Find the .pst and .ost files – User can have
either .pst or an .ost file in which the data files for
Outlook account is saved. The files will be named after
the email address they are associated with. Copy the file
by selecting it and then right-click it and select "Copy"
4) Decide how you want to back-up the file - You can
firmly backup this data file either creating multiple
backups, as it will help ensure that your file is safe in
some another case.
Simply copy .pst files to a USB drive which will be
around 10-100 MB in size.
You can burn the file to a disc.
You can upload the file to a cloud storage service
such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. It will
help you to access to the file anywhere where you
have internet connection.
2: Restoring your Backup of Outlook.
1) Copy the backup file to your computer – Firstly,
copy the backup file on a computer's local storage from
its original place i.e., USB drive, disc, or uploaded cloud
storage and keep it anywhere, either in any folder or
2) Click the File tab or Office button - Click the File
menu if you are using Outlook 2003.
3) Select "Open & Export" or "Open" – Here, you
will find a list of options.
4) Click "Open Outlook Data File" - It will show you
the file browser.
5) Browse for the data file - Navigate to data file that
you previously copied to your local storage. Choose it
and click "Open" to load the file.
6) Use your backup – All the Outlook backup data files
will be loaded, including folders, messages, contacts,
calendar entries and others.
In case, you face any issues while making back up of your
Microsoft Outlook account then connect with Outlook support
and get step by step guidelines for appropriate details and
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