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Cellular Respiration Study Guide

Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis Study Guide
Notes: Cellular Respiration, Cellular Respiration in Detail, and Cellular Resp.
Anaerobic Pathways
Other Materials: Cellular Respiration flow chart and table from notes
Remember that this test includes photosynthesis as well so refer to the
photosynthesis study guide as well.
Vocabulary: alcoholic fermentation, anaerobic, cellular respiration, fermentation,
lactic acid fermentation, NAD+, pyruvic acid, acetyl coA, aerobic, citric acid, FAD,
Krebs Cycle,
electron transport chain, mitochondrial matrix, cristae,
FADH2, autotroph, heterotroph, NADH
People: Hans Krebs
Essential Questions:
1) What is cellular respiration?
2) Explain the relationship that occurs between photosynthesis and cellular
3) Give the equation for photosynthesis and cellular respiration. What are the
reactants and what are the products in each equation?
4) What types of organisms undergo photosynthesis? What types of organisms
undergo cellular respiration?
5) Label each of the following as an autotroph or heterotroph place a “p” for
undergoes photosynthesis and a “C” if it undergoes cellular respiration next to it.
6) Identify the organelle below.___________________________
7) Identify the location in the structure to
the left where the following processes
Krebs Cycle:
8) In what organelle does photosynthesis occur?
9) List several similarities found between a chloroplast and a mitochondria?
10) What types of molecules are broken down through cellular respiration?
11) What are the products and byproducts of glycolysis?
12) What are the products and byproducts of Krebs cycle?
13) What’s another name for the Krebs Cycle?
14) What are the products and byproducts of ETC?
15) What are the products and byproducts of fermentation?
16) What are some food products that are associated with lactic acid
fermentation and alcoholic fermentation?
17) What is the main purpose of fermentation?
18) Explain why a runner may experience a burning sensation while running for a
long distance.
19) How much ATP is produced in the various steps of cellular respiration?
20) What determines what happens to the products of glycolysis?
21) Explain the difference between aerobic and anaerobic respiration. What
does this mean in terms of efficiency?
22) Fill in the table below comparing and contrasting photosynthesis with cellular
Organelle for process
Cellular Respiration
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