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Recommended scheme for userids on the My sCool Server

Recommended scheme for creating student user-ids on
the My sCool Server
○ Generally, it is advisable to use the registration number allotted to a student as
a user-id for the computer lab as well i.e. if the school can allot one at
commencement of an annual session. But this is generally not the case due to
administrative hurdles and classes cannot wait for lack of ids.
○ Hence, this recommended scheme for user creation has been designed with a
view to help with learning continuity for students over their entire school
○ The scheme is as such - nnnyyccssrr
■ nnn = <3 letters abbreviation for school name>
■ yy = <2 digits for current year when the id has been
■ cc = <2 digits for class/grade of student>
■ ss = <1 letter for section of student>
■ rr = <2 digits for roll number of student>
○ For example, let’s assume a school introduces computer education from grade
5. For a student with roll number 9 of grade 5, section C of New Bright School
the id created in the year 2018 will be a concatenation of
■ nbs + 18 + 05 + c + 09 = nbs1805c09 (Note: all lowercase)
○ Once an id is assigned to a student, that must be used till the very end of
his/her school tenure, even when they move to the next grade. This will ensure
that each student has a unique login id and a personalized learning
○ To reinforce further, when the above student with id nbs1805c09 moves to
grade 6 in the year 2019, he/she continues to use the same id nbs1805c09.
○ If a new student is admitted to his class with roll number 39 in grade 6, section
C the id created will be a nbs1906c39 which will be used till he leaves school.
○ For new students of grade 5c in year 2019, the ids will start with nbs195c01.
One more important benefit of this scheme is that it allows one to easily automate
the backup or exercise submission procedures.
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