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Natalia Terzich

Professor Westrope

English 103 – 6474

14 February 2019

United Nations: Millennial Music Habits & Hearing loss

Millennials or the generation who were born from 1980 to 2000 are the ones who are updated with the latest trends in music. The United Nations, an international organization which consists of almost all nations in the world was created to address and tackle different issues that might affect mankind. According to statistics, more than one billion 12 to 35-year-olds, risk irreversible hearing loss from exposure to loud sounds such as music played on their smartphone.

Moreover, it was also found that there are already 466 million people worldwide have debilitating hearing loss, up from 360 million in 2010 and the figure is expected to nearly double to 900 million, or 1 in every 10 people by 2050. It can be evidently seen that the taste of music of millennials nowadays are really different from those of the past generations. Based on my experience, the mixture of loud bass drops and high pitch sounds are the widely popular tunes of today. In addition to that, the presence of technology having the wireless earphones and headphones maximize the effect of these sounds that affects the hearing of most millennials. This news story was covered by the UN News, the United Nations news network and ABS-CBN News, a local news network from the Philippines. Both networks take a similar perspective on the issue. However, the best written news article with the complete elements of a good news article is the UN News.

The headline is one of the most important part of a news article because it catches the eye of the reader and provides the essence of the news article. Whenever I read past something, I

Terzich 1 always look at the headline first because it represents the main point of the news. It is clear that the UN News has a better headline between the two articles. The header of UN News states: “UN guidelines unveiled to prevent rising hearing loss among young smartphone listeners” ("UN

Guidelines Unveiled to Prevent Rising Hearing Loss Among Young Smartphone Listeners") while

ABS CBN News’ header states: “Turn it down! Millennials' music habit puts their hearing at risk

– UN” (Nebehay). If we base this criticism on the reader’s point of view, the header of ABS CBN

News is more enticing. However, the header of UN News provides the essence news itself without even the need to read the article itself. Moreover, ABS CBN News’ header is misleading due to the fact that the statement “Turn it down!” may be interpreted in so many ways other than changing the listening habits of the millennials.

. Both articles presented visual elements, however, UN News presented a more relevant and later portrayal of a millennial music habit. UN News presented the news article by first showing an image of a young refugee from Eritrea who loves listening to songs in the headphones he found on his way to Niger. On the other hand, ABS CBN News showed an image of young people trying out iPod devices at a shop in Seoul in August 26, 2009 ABS CBN

News’ visual representation did not emphasize the matter of the millennial music habit but only showed an example of the devices used for these habits. Moreover, the image provided by ABS

CBN News is seen irrelevant because the photo was dated back in 2009. If I were the reader of the news article, I would appreciate the more recent and more relevant image than those captured for more than 5 years ago.

ABS CBN News completely missed the point of the issue. Reading a news article takes time but having the exact interpretation of it is important. A news article like the one published by

ABS CBN News can confuse readers of the main issue at hand. The information they provided

Terzich 1 were mostly obtained from the statements of World Health Organization’s Dr. Shelly Chadha which proves that the details provided are only from mere interviews and not from the main guidelines provided by the United Nations itself. Meanwhile, UN News acquired their information not only from interviews with Dr. Shelly Chadha but also from researches and studies which provided them the statistics and from the United Nations guidelines from the joint World Health

Organization (WHO) and International Telecommunications Union (ITU) initiative. It is obvious that UN News is more credible when it comes to the sources of their news information.

As it is known that UN News is a direct news platform of the United Nations itself, the background information of the news is very detailed and complete. On the other hand, ABS SCBN

News being a local news platform in the Philippines seems to have left out a lot of details in the article. Based on my experience, a local or domestic news provider can always be discredited by an international one. However, it can be proven otherwise if the local or domestic news provider provides a much better detail of the issue. UN News provided the background information, the issue at hand, the guidelines provided for the prevention of hearing loss and the future event for the world hearing day while ABS CBN News only delivered the basic information such as basic information about the prescribed decibels and the highlighted parts of the guidelines. In addition to this, the questions “Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?” which is the essence of a news article were not completely answered by ABS CBN in contrast with the answers provided by UN

News. It is clear that UN News provided a more precise and accurate information regarding the news article.

In terms of immediacy, both sources portrayed and published the news within reasonable time wherein a reader may know if the issue just recently happened. ("Read All About It! The

Eight Elements of News"). However, UN News posted the news first on February 12, 2019 while

Terzich 1

ABS CBN News posted the news on February 13, 2019. Since both sources have different time zones, UN News is more than 24 hours ahead of ABS CBN News’ posting. A reader will always go for something that is fresh. A news article that only comes second or third and so on does not equate to a fresh news. Leaving us with the conclusion that, UN News has better immediacy when it comes to the date of publishing the news article.

As for the style of presentation, it is clear that UN News provided a more reasonable news article for different kinds of news readers. UN News started the news article by stating statistical facts, followed by the main issue being addressed and was followed by the guidelines and recommendations provided by the United Nations through the World Health Organization. On the other hand, ABS CBN News started the news article by introducing the topic through a statistical fact which was followed by several interview quotations and ended it with another interview quotation. It is obvious that UN News’ style of presentation is easier for the reader to understand because it provides all the information needed in an organized manner, starting from the facts and ending with the resolution. ABS CBN News can lead to misinterpretation of news because it bounced from interview quotations to facts and back to interview quotations without even ending the article with a clear conclusion. It is evident that UN News’ style of presentation is better than that of ABS CBN News.

Another important element of a news article which is published online is the presence of having the social media outlet. It can be seen in UN News that it along with the text, there are inserted social media links and an embedded twitter page of the World Health Organization. On the other hand, ABS CBN News only added icons of different social media sites in their page without even labeling the latter with their social media handles. This is a strong indication that UN

Terzich 1

News is better than ABS CBN News when it comes to having and providing their social media outlets.

Significance can be observed more with UN News. This element is vital to a news article in order for the reader to know the value of the issue. ("5 Characteristics of a Good News Report")

In UN News, the significance of the news can be seen from the header and from the source itself.

Since UN News is an agency of the United Nations, the value of the news coverage is greater than of ABS CBN News because as mentioned earlier, UN News is directly connected to the organization handling the issue while ABS CBN News is just a secondary outlet of news.

As seen in UN News, the coverage laid the information to the readers step by step. It was mentioned earlier that there was an outline followed by UN News which started with statistical facts, followed by the main issue, then the guidelines provided and finally, the recommendations.

Meanwhile, ABS CBN News did not tell a story at all. The news coverage just went from statistical fact to interview quotations, to and fro. A good news coverage also tells a good story. In gaining new information, readers often want to go straight to the point. However, going straight to the point may prejudice other details that also have value in the issue. ("5 Characteristics of a Good

News Report").

Accuracy is the first requirement of a good news report. Both news article were accurate when it comes to mentioning names and sources. However, the article from UN News was more keen and detailed with the information they give out that is why they defined the terms that they use before re-using it again in which BS CBN News failed to do. One must get all the facts right, starting from the name and designation of the subject to the statements made by him or her. (“5

Characteristics of a Good News Report ").

Terzich 1

It is initially seen that the news articles cited the same sources such as the World Health

Organization and Dr. Shelly Chadha. However, ABS CBN News only used these sources with minimal value. For instance, ABS CBN News cited Dr. Chadha with her interviews but did not further explained it for the readers. On the other hand, UN News cited and explained the statements of its sources which made it easier for the readers to understand. Attribution is concerned about the sources of the article and it is evidently observed that UN News encompassed this element.

In comparing both news articles’ length, it can be seen that ABS CBN News is shorter.

However, the element of brevity as defined does not literally mean short but is intended to provide direct to the point details. UN News on the other hand may seem longer than the other but it provided the reader all the information he needs to understand the news. This characteristic of brevity cannot be overstressed One must know the importance of having brief news articles without missing important facts. Today’s readers do not have the patience to go through a lengthy news article but brevity does not literally mean writing a short article. It also means using short words, short sentences and short paragraphs while maintaining the main point and details of the news ("5 Characteristics of a Good News Report").

ABS CBN News failed to clearly address the issue at hand. It was seen that the article was only intended to inform the people but not to instill awareness among the public. The purpose of the news article was merely a compilation of facts without stressing the value of the issue being tackled. UN news on the other hand, did not only inform the public but also expressed the urgency of the issue. The element of clarity provides the reader a better view of the news by having a brief but detailed news article complete with sources and explanations and with accurate data delivered.

The news article must use short and simple words and keep out irrelevant facts, the intro of your report must be short and crisp, the body must be made up of as few paragraphs as possible with

Terzich 1 each paragraph devoted to one point, there should be no ambiguities, and the facts must be sourced, and accurate ("5 Characteristics of a Good News Report"). The article from ABS CBN News is full of ambiguities as compared to the article of UN News. Examples of short and simple words that were used by the UN News are found in their headline: “UN guidelines unveiled to prevent rising hearing loss among young smartphone listeners” ("UN Guidelines Unveiled to Prevent

Rising Hearing Loss Among Young Smartphone Listeners"). It is simple and is straight to the point and provides no ambiguity for the readers.

With the given elements of a good headline, context, visuals, details, immediacy, style of presentation, social media outlet, significance, storyline, accuracy, attribution, brevity and clarity it is clear that the UN News qualifies better than that of the article from ABS-CBN news.

Moreover, it is to be reiterated that UN News is an agency of the United Nations which handles the World Health Organization in which the issue of the irreversible hearing loss from exposure to loud sounds of millennials is being addressed.

It is important to understand that regardless of how well a news network reported the issue, the awareness for hearing loss shall be taken seriously. UN News did a great job of getting to the point and providing all the facts. They did not just compile facts much like the news article of

Nebehay. The ABS CBN News article provided minimal detail and is a rather easy read but hardtop understand. Nebehay did not make it point to address the issue of raising awareness but rather focused on the statistical facts. The UN News article was far more precise and detailed most especially when it comes to serving its purpose of raising hearing loss awareness. It is really evident that it is the better news coverage than the article from ABS CBN News seeing that there are concrete evidence based from the elements of a good news article for the perspective of both readers and writers of news.

Terzich 1

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