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Cigarettes and your DNA worksheet

Cigarettes and your DNA
1. Every year, smoking causes how many deaths in the United States? _________________
2. List 3 health problems related to smoking. _____________________,
______________________, and _______________________.
3. How many types of cancer are related to smoking cigarettes? ____________________
4. Cigarette smoking can leave a _________ year legacy on your DNA.
5. True or False:
Several changes in cells within multiple parts of the body occur from smoking a pack per
day for one year.
Within one year of smoking,
6. How many mutations occur in lung cells? __________________________
7. How many mutations occur in the larynx? __________________________
8. How many mutations occur in the oral cavity? __________________________
9. For every year a person smokes, they accrue ______________ new mutations in their
10. Smoking causes genetic _________________________ and increases the risk of cancer.
11. Not only does smoking cause genetic mutations, but it also causes changes in one’s
12. Among those who had quit smoking within five years, most of these sites were at similar
levels to the ______________ _________________.
13. Smoking has an incredibly long-lasting impact on your DNA and can last
_____________________ after you quit.
14. So even though the majority of your DNA methylation signals return to never-smoker
levels after __________ years, your body can still struggle to heal itself decades after.
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