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dth is an acronym for ‘Direct to Home’ service. dth is a digital satellite service that provides television viewing services directly to subscribers through satellite transmission anywhere in the country. In this a dish is placed outside a home which helps in receiving the signals and broadcasting the transmission onto a television. The signals are digital by nature and are received directly from the satellite. The digital signals provide optimum quality in all features and make viewing an absolute pleasure. Features like 1080i resolution, 16:9 Wide Aspect Ratio, 5 Times Digital Picture Quality and HDD Sound add to the incredible experience of television viewing. With dth, you will also be able to view High Definition (HD) channels, more number of dth channels and you can customize the package as per your choices. High Definition is another path-breaking technology in television viewing. With HD dth the images are even sharper and clarity is further enhanced than normal dth viewing. Also, as a customer you may want to watch only selected channels, d2h offers you an opportunity to customize your package plan as per your preference. So you end up paying only for what you want to watch. d2h is also considered to be the most affordable dth service in India. d2h has advanced technologies. There are less disruptions in Rainy season on d2h. d2h also offers high number of interactive audio channels. d2h is the fastest growing best dth service in India , breaking one record after another.




of a communications satellite is the ground area that its transponders offer coverage , and determines the satellite dish diameter cover different areas. required to receive each transponder's signal. There is usually a different map for each transponder (or group of transponders), as each may be aimed to Footprint maps usually show either the estimated minimum satellite dish diameter required or the signal strength in each area measured in dBW . R 0.01

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