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week 2 en3589 intro to modern drama


Class format:


warm up, physically and mentally


discuss key issues


learn about a play and its context




discuss & review


focus on week ahead

• Which Western theatre pieces have you read or seen from before the modern era (up to latter 19 th century)?

Or, from within the modern era?

• What do you enjoy seeing in recent performances?

• scope of subject

- range of characters, places, concerns

• depth of character

- insights, complexities

• capability & variety in technology

- inventions, explorations

• range of styles in performances

- realism to surrealism

Read the syllabus and schedule closely. Refer to these documents regularly.

Plan ahead. Our best work comes over time.

Support each other. Truly. That’s how we grow.

• Lectures, discussions, theatre exercises and rehearsals will start on time each class from now until mid-April

(with one week off for CNY)

• Your mark in this subject does not involve me starting at

100 and then ‘counting off’ points for what’s wrong.

• Your mark involves everyone starting at ground level and building up points for everything you do.

Attendance and active participation are essential. If you need to miss, please provide a reason.

• If you miss, you are welcome to attend the alternate class day/time if it works for you.

-Tue 12:00pm – 2:50pm LI2312

- Wed 9:00am – 11:50am LI1400

• I want to see you do well and I will encourage you to get there. It does not matter if you have not performed or seen theatre yet. You may have hidden talent. Just join in!

Filmed live theatre, seen in cinemas: https://www.cinema.com.hk/en/movie/special/6

Of these choices, please consider either ‘Curious Incident of the Dog in the

Nighttime’, ‘Follies’ or ‘Frankenstein’ for your review because they are suitable

Live theatre: https://www.hk.artsfestival.org/en/programmes/index.htm


Of these choices, consider any except Hamlet, as it’s not modern; most of theses shows are nearly sold-out, but there are often return tickets on the day of performance; you can just go to the venue and buy a spare ticket just before the show starts https://premier.hkticketing.com/shows/genre.aspx?c=14

Of these choices, you can choose any modern play or musical EXCEPT music concerts, opera, stand-up comedy, kids’ shows or ballet; if you are uncertain, please just email me to check

• Assignments:

- original, considered, typed (or handwritten in class),

individually-written responses to play texts and performances

- your video-recorded monologue performance

( from a play you select: it can be a play we study or a different one, but must check with me on suitability)

- your live group scene performance

(from one of the three plays we study in class)