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module 8 research

1. Discuss ethical issues and feasibility of sample design.
2. Include a reference and title page. Write about 3
You must also meet the Assignment Rubric
requirements for Communication; Specialized
Knowledge; Evidence-Based Theory and Practice; and
Relevance and Leadership. For example, you are
required by the assignment rubric to reference course
materials and discuss the relevance of the assignment
to your professional experiences in your essay.
Sample Design Narrative
My tentative doctoral research will investigate interactive teaching strategies to promote learning
among English Language Learners. The sampling population will be public school. The
sampling frame will be face to face to face. The sampling unit will be students and teachers. The
sampling method and technique will be face to face interviews, classroom observation, and
online surveys. The sampling size will 75 middle school English Language Learner students out
of 150. The sampling plan will be to speak to the school principal, teachers, parents, and then
students. The sample design will be based on the following research questions as follows: How
does using interactive teaching strategies help English Language Learners? How using Clickers
would help English Language Learners understanding materials? How using Peer-Help would
her Language Learners with the understanding of materials? How using Organizers would help
English Language Learners with the understanding of materials? How using IPads would help
English Language Learners with the understanding of materials?
Ethical Issues and Feasibility
Collecting the sampling data from students will come with its ethical challenges.
One of the ethical issues and challenges it will come with is pertaining to respect
for persons. Shalowitz (2005), stated the importance of respect as it consist of
three different principles: No deceiving or coercing the participants, must identify
the purpose of the research study, along with process and expectations of all
human participants. I will b dealing with English Language Learners who are
mostly scare, and would be afraid to say “No” to a teacher. The parents of these
students, most of them do no speak English, so I might easily be tempted to
bypass the consent obligation, which will be an ethical issue.
Shalowitz, D., & Miller, F. (2005). Disclosing individual results of clinical research. Retrieved,
from http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=201351&resultClick=3Shalowitz (Links
to an external site.)