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Submitting Art Portofolio Uni

Different types of Portofolio
 Writing
 Performing arts audition
Submitting pieces
 Take that skill you already have, take it to another step with exploration of different
medias in one piece
 1000 words to write about my work, include text and details from process journals
 You don’t have to focus on one media/type of artwork, style that you use, common
 Submit 10-20 pieces
 If the process is a part of your artwork, take a video
o Unique and different
 Taking pictures of pieces
o Cropping images perfectly.
o Lay flat.
o Parallel perspective.
o Natural lighting, soft yellow light.
o Anything that is unfinished should not be submitted
o Compose pieces and put them in a A4 pdf slide
o No shadows
o Inset and zoomed in pictures
o Sharp and strong photos
o Plain natural background for taking pictures of pieces
o Combine same context and piece in one slide
o The artworks to unite together in one slide. Tryptic, etc.
 Pieces requirement
o No obvious eraser lines or plans
o Different composition of pieces, combination
o Inspiration is not required
o Put signatures on the back if it’s big, bottom right hand corner, small
 Do not put signatures on every artwork
 Finished pieces are signed
o Multiple views (side, front, back) to show details
o 5-10 sketches for one piece
Types of artwork pieces
 Traditional pen and ink – does not have to be in colors, smaller details, textures,
communicating skills in drawn work
 Character designs
o Who the characters are
o Different facial expressions
o Something that you can communicate through the expressions
o Narrative story
o Characters interact
o How are you connecting your storyline
 Fashion design (textile based)
o Different colors, not only black and white
o Not only visually, describe the detailing and makers process of fashion piece on
thousand words
o Smaller, zoomed in images, details
 Accessories (jewelries, bags, etc)
o Take a picture of a person wearing the piece
o Quality, materiality
 Digital media work