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1. Annihilate:
to destroy completely
2. Clemency:
the disposition to show mercy, especially to an offender or enemy
3. Concession:
something, such as a point previously claimed in an argument that is later given
4. Decimate:
to destroy or kill a large part of
5. Disperse:
to drive off or scatter in different directions
6. Diversion:
something that distracts the mind
7. Evade:
to escape or avoid by cleverness or deceit
8. Flagrant:
conspicuously bad, offensive or reprehensible
9. Harass:
to irritate or torment persistently
10. Inhibition:
something that restrains, blocks, or suppresses
11. Insolence:
presumptuous and insulting in manner or speech
12. Mandatory:
required or commanded by authority
13. Mannerism:
a distinctive behavioral trait; an idiosyncrasy
14. Meticulous:
extremely careful and precise
15. Mettle:
courage, fortitude, spirit
16. Protocol:
a code of correct conduct
17. Purge:
to remove
18. Sadistic:
delight in cruelty
19. Submission:
the act of being compliant, meekness, giving in
20. Ultimatum:
a final statement of terms
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