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PSYC 101 Chapter 1 Study Guide

PSYC-101 – General Psychology
Chapter 1 Homework: Psychology as science (20 points)
Below are the questions you must answer for the Chapter 1 homework. All questions are worth 1 point
except for the short answer. The homework must be done on a word processor. Your answers should
be in your own words. Copying directly from the textbook without proper citation is plagiarism.
In a research study of the effects of marijuana on memory, researchers divided subjects into three
groups: subjects in the first group were given “one joint” to smoke, subjects in the second group were
given “two joints” to smoke, and subjects in the third group were given no marijuana at all. The
participants all studied lists of words and later were given a test to determine how many words they
1. In this study, what is the independent variable? (1 pt)
2. In this study, what is the dependent variable? (1 pt)
3. In this study, what were the levels of the independent variable? (1 pt)
4. What is the name given to the group which was given no marijuana at all? (1 pt)
5. Which of the following is not one of the four goals of science?
a. To predict what will occur under defined conditions
b. To describe the nature of something
c. To explain the cause of something
d. To discriminate against inferior explanations of something
6. Which of the following best describes the biobehavioral perspective?
a. An approach to psychological science focused on unconscious motivation
b. An approach to psychological science focused on genetic abnormalities
c. An approach to psychological science focused on biological causes for behavior
d. An approach to psychological science focused on mental activity
7. When a discipline relies on bold statements, anecdotes, and testimonials – and reverses the burden
of proof from itself to others, it is known as:
a. Pseudoscience
b. Rationalism
c. Hedoscience
d. Psychological science
8. Dr. Parker found that the SAT scores of his freshmen introductory psychology class were good
predictors of the final grades of the same students. Dr. Parker is most likely employing this method
of research:
a. Experimental
b. Correlational
c. Survey
d. Case study
9. Behaviorists are concerned with studying:
a. The mind
b. Observable behavior
c. Social influences
d. Positive affect
10. Psychologists are required to obtain this from participants, ensuring that the participants are aware
of any risks and benefits of the study:
a. Rationalization
b. Informed consent
c. Stamped approval
d. Trait ratings
11. People sometimes take credit for others’ ideas without being aware of doing so, but this is still
a. Science
b. Cronyism
c. Plagiarism
d. Nepotism
12. Jane has decided to learn about the five-step, empirical process of knowing in science. She is
studying :
a. The scientific method
b. The allegorical method
c. The rational method
d. The hypothesis method
13. Dr. Akimo designed a study in which she randomly assigned participants to one of two groups to
avoid confounding her results. Dr. Akimo is most likely using this method of research:
a. Survey
b. Case study
c. Correlational
d. Experimental
14. The variable that the experimenter manipulates is called the
variable, while the variable that is
measured to note changes based on the manipulation is called the
a. Independent; control
b. Dependent; independent
c. Independent; dependent
d. Dependent; control
15. Compare the 3 main categories of research methods: descriptive, correlational, and experimental by
describing a specific example of each type of research method. You are not to define the research
method but use a specific example like this: “A researcher using the descriptive method might do a
survey study on how many HCC students are the first in their families to go to college by giving
out a questionnaire to all freshmen students in which she asks “How many other people in your
family have attended college?” You cannot use an example from the textbook or this homework
assignment (Minimum of 75 words for the entire answer, include word count in answer) (6pts)