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The Danger of Tiredness

The Danger of Tiredness.
Tiredness has been one of the many problems faced by human nowadays. From a general
view, tiredness is a common medical problem that affects humans' quality of life. According to Dr.
Shah, it is unusual to find anything physically wrong with the patient. However, most of the time,
fatigue is linked with your mood of the day and the accumulation of lots of little stress in life. The
article entitled "Why You Feel Tired All the time” written by Hannah Nicole discussed the factors that
contribute to tiredness. In my opinion, the author has a concerned tone while discussing this matter
throughout her writing. Hence, it has been confirmed that they are several factors that play an
important role for tiredness such as poor nutrition, sleep loss, and stress.
Eating healthy food will surely help you to build good overall health. This might be a
completely different story if you refused to eat healthy food or you consume too much of unhealthy
food. This is what we so-called poor nutrition. Poor nutrition such as over-eating might lead to one
digestive system work overtime and might be the factor why you feel tired all the time. Many people
think that if they skip their meals, they are able to lose weight faster. However, you will need to
remember this in your mind, one who does not consume enough nutrition might actually cause one
to feel tired as they do not have sufficient energy to perform their daily tasks. This might lead them
to consume loads of food to re-energize themselves. Hence, this is when problems such as obesity
rise. “The most recent study, published this month in the medical journal Metabolism, looked at
what happens when people skip meals but end up eating just as much as they would in a normal day
when they finally do sit down to a meal” (Tara Parker-Pope, December 2007). This clearly explains
why you will feel tired if you excessively stuff yourselves with foods as you need to use more energy
to digest your foods.
Sleep deprivation or well-known as sleep loss is a condition of not having enough sleep.
Sleep loss actually will affect you in many ways without your knowledge. Problems such as accidents
are just one of them. Students who encounter sleep loss problem will surely cause them to
concentrate less during the lesson in classes. This, in turn, will affect their academic grade. “Sleep
loss dumbs you down” (Camille Peri) phrase is no joke. This is a serious problem that people need to
overcome before this problem haunt you for a lifetime. According to Ann Pietragelo and Stephanie
Watson, it is stated "One who does not get enough sleep was proven to look grumpy and foggy"
(June 2017). Furthermore, according to Camille Peri(blogger), sleep loss may increase the risk of
death. This was proven when British researches found out civil servants that cut their sleep hours
from seven to five hours or fewer faced double their risk of death from any other factor.
Scientifically, lack of sleep will cause one to have higher chances to have cardiovascular diseases.
In my opinion, I strongly agree with the authors' points of view on the factors that contribute
to tiredness. However, I do believe that sleep loss plays a crucial role in tiredness compared to poor
nutrition. Based on recent a research, it is stated that 60 % of students claimed that they are tired
and sleepy during lesson at least 3 days a week (Shelly D Herehner and Ronald D. Chervin, June
2014). This clearly shows the effect of sleep deprivation among students. If we refused to take the
first step to solve this problem, one might keep on lagging behind from their classmates. However,
discussion about poor nutrition that leads to sleep deprivation cannot be left behind either. Many
people assumed that they should cut off their sugar consumption completely if they are dieting.
Unfortunately, that is not true. You need to consume a small amount of sugar so that your body
could function well.
As many other factors, stress might be another factor that is affecting tiredness. According
to Jim Folk and Marilyn Folk “The more stress you are the more tired your body is. Being restless
might made your body feel exhausted.” (January 2019). Have you ever wondered why you keep on
sighing you are tired when you are in a stressful situation? This is because when you are under stress
condition, a chemical reaction called “fight-or-flight” will be activated. During to stress response,
your heart rate increases, breathing rate increases, muscle tightening, and blood pressure rises. All
this effect cause you to be tired in a short period of time. This statement was supported by the
article written by Brandon Peters, MD “feeling sleepy might contributes to a feeling of drowsiness or
sleepiness, in which you have a strong desire to fall asleep”. (December 2014).
In conclusion, I believe that sleep loss plays an important role in tiredness compared to
stress and poor nutrition. However, people should not overlook other possible factors too. I believe
that practicing a good lifestyle might aid one to cope with tiredness problem. You need to identify
your cause of tiredness first before you find your solution on how to cope with your tiredness.