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Nolan Social studies interview

Interviewer: Hello Fredrick
Good day. : Frederick Douglass
Interviewer: I got a few questions that have been Bugging me lately.
Go ahead. : Frederick
Interviewer : When did you escape slavery?
The year was 1838 in the month of September I believe. : Frederick
Interviewer: What encouraged you to start giving speeches?
I met a man named William Garrison
who wrote a newspaper about slavery, I
attended his meeting where I gave
my first speech, William then encouraged me to do more. : Frederick
Interviewer: fascinating!
Interviewer: How many times did it take you to escape?
It took me four times and the main reason I succeeded was that I had help. : Frederick
Why did you want to escape?
I wanted to escape so I could show people just how unjust slavery is. : Frederick
Interviewer: How old were you wen you started making speeches?
I was around the age of 23 when I began making speeches. : Frederick
Interviewer: No wonder you’re a leader!
Interviewer: Thank you for answering my questions!
Any time. : Frederick
Interviewer: You really are a hero.
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