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Masterclad 5 15 kv Arc Resistat Metal-Clad Indoor Switchgear 30

Masterclad™ 5–15 kV Arc Resistant Metal-Clad Indoor Switchgear
Inspecting the Fuses
Open the VT drawout compartment door to visually inspect fuses for
possible damage. Replace the fuses if necessary. See “Replacing the
Fuses” starting on page 38.
Racking the VT Drawout Unit into the
After inspecting the VT drawout unit, follow the steps below to rack it to the
CONNECTED position.
1. Close the VT drawout unit compartment door.
2. Insert the racking handle into the racking port and engage the handle
onto the racking shaft.
3. Rotate the racking handle clockwise until VT drawout unit is fully racked
to the CONNECTED position.
NOTE: If the voltage transformer drawout unit does not easily rack into
the CONNECTED position, rack the unit to the DISCONNECT position,
and remove any objects or debris from the compartment. Repeat this
process. If results are not satisfactory, contact Schneider Electric.
Voltage Transformer Drawer
Figure 26 shows the voltage transformer (VT) drawer connected to the
load bus.
Figure 26:
VT Drawer Compartment
Main Bus
VT Compartment
Circuit Breaker Compartment
Cable Compartment
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