Digestive System Foldable and Article.2

The Digestive System
Your digestive system breaks down food so your body’s cells
can use it to make energy. Digestion
begins in your mouth, where food enters
your body. As you chew, saliva mixes
with food and begins to break it d own.
When you swallow, the food moves
down your esophagus, a long tube that
connects your mouth to your stomach.
Your stomach muscles squeeze the
food to break it into smaller pieces.
Chemicals mix with the food and help
break it down, too.
Next, the food moves to your small
intestine, where nutrients from the food
are absorbed into the bloodstream, and
nourish your cells. Next, any food that was not absorbed moved
onto your large intestine, where water is absorbed into your
body. Then the rest of the food leaves your body.