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Cell Theory
Biology - Student Handout
Essential Question: What is the Cell Theory?
Early Contributions:
Robert Hooke (1635-1702): The first person to see ______. He was looking
at cork and noted he saw a great many “boxes”- he called the boxes he saw
Anton van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723): The father of microscopy; observed
living cells in pond water, which he called “animalcules”
Mattias Schlieiden (1804-1881), a botanist, observed that tissues of
_________ had cells.
Theodore Schwann (1810-1882), a zoologist, observed that the tissues of
___________ had cells
Rudolf Virchow (1821-1902) Predicted that _____ come from other
The research from Schwann, Schleiden, and Virchow helped create the cell
The cell theory states:
1. Every living organism is made up of _____ or more _______.
2. The cell is the basic unit of __________and __________.
3. All cells arise from _______________cells.
Cell Types: 2 basic kinds
Both kinds have a plasm membrane (outer covering)
Grouping is based on internal structures called ________________
1. Prokaryotes
 Do ________ have
internal organellesonly some DNA,
ribosomes floating
in cytoplasm
 Ex:
2. Eukaryotes
 ______ internal organelles surrounded by a membrane
 Ex: typical______________ or __________ cell.