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Questions for poa

1. Can you be able to budget you money? Yes\no
2. What is your weekly budget? A.$5 B.10 c. $20 D. More
than $20
3. Can you save half of your budget for the week? Yes\no
4. What are your methods of savings?
a. $1 every day b. $1 Monthly c.$1 weekly
5. Will you be able to budget your money for the week?
6. Do you budget your allowance? Yes/No
7. Have you ever tried saving your money for personal uses?
Yes/ No [For example, if you want money to buy a shirt or
pants etc.]
8. Do you find budgeting/saving hard to do ?Yes/No
9. Do you think it is necessary to save/budget? Yes/No
How often do you update your budget?
a. Everyday
b. Weekly
c. Monthly
d. Yearly