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YH feedback

Teacher Feedback
Student Name: Yael Hernandez
Date: 12/4/18
Grade: 6
Teacher: Joshua Gewirtz
Class: English
It is time to evaluate progress for this year and to begin planning process for the year ahead.
Your input is very important in developing a plan that is right for the student. Please know this
information may be used for discussion at an IEP Meeting.
Please complete this form and return it to: Lauren Widhalm Room 218 or box in teacher’s
1. What do you see as this child’s successes this year?
Reading endurance
Respect for teachers
Respect for peers
2. What are this child’s academic strengths and other special skills or abilities?
Reading endurance
3. What are the areas of weakness that you have noted?
Writing structured sentences and grammar
4. Are there other concerns, such as social skills or behavioral skills?
None he is great. Perhaps he may be a little shy around others.
5. Consider this child’s organizational skills and study skills. Do the child’s skills seem
appropriate for his/her grade level? Does the child have difficulty with homework assignments?
His organizational skills seem to be in check, he comes prepared to class.
6. List any modifications or accommodations you are aware of that seem helpful.
Getting help started when it comes to writing assignment.
Scaffolded sentences.
Extended writing time.
Word banks