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Amoeba Sisters Mitosis Video Questions

Name: _______________________________________
Amoeba Sisters Mitosis
What do cuts healing, your nails getting longer, and growing all have in common?
Mitosis is a type of _______________________________ done by most of your body cells.
3. If cells didn’t divide, you wouldn’t __________________________________.
4. Mitosis is also great for ____________________ of damage.
5. Mitosis is NOT a process that makes ________________________ or ___________________
cells. That’s something different called ________________________________.
6. Mitosis is done to produce _________________ cells.
7. Mitosis makes ____________________________ cells. For example, you don’t want to make
stomach cells to replace skin cells.
8. _______________________________ is uncontrolled cell growth.
9. What the cell is usually doing most of its daily life is actually a phase called
10. In interphase, the cell is growing, ________________________________ its DNA, and carrying
out its daily functions.
11. Mitosis is a very _________________________ amount of time in respect to the whole cell
12. The organelle called the ______________________ holds your DNA.
13. If you’re going to make more cells, you need to have the same _____________________ in
those new cells as you did in your original cells.
14. DNA can be organized into condensed units called
______________________________________. Chromosomes are made of ________________
and _____________________________________.
15. ______________ chromosomes are found in most human body cell nuclei.
16. You have to ______________________ those chromosomes in interphase before mitosis starts.
17. Since we tend to count chromosomes by the _______________________ present, when the 46
chromosomes duplicate, we still say there are 46 chromosomes.
18. The sister ____________________________ are still attached and we’re counting by
19. In interphase you went from 46 to ______________ centromeres.
20. In PMAT, the P is for _______________________________; the M is for
____________________________, the A is for _______________________________ and the T
is for ____________________________________.
21. Since prophase is the beginning step, the __________________________ is still there.
22. In prophase, the chromosomes are ________________________ which means they are
thickening and visible.
23. This is the stage where the chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell.
24. During metaphase, the ____________________ has been disassembled.
25. In anaphase, the “A” can stand for _____________________________________. The
chromosomes are moving to opposite sides of the cell.
26. They are moved by something called ______________________.
27. In telophase, the chromosomes are actually at the complete ____________________________
ends of the cell, and new _________________ are forming.
28. In telophase, the “T” can stand for _________________ because you can see that the end goal is
going to be two cells.
29. _________________________________ is responsible for the final separation into two cells by
splitting the ________________________.
30. Understanding mitosis is important for ______________________ research as well.
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