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Biomes and Ecosystems Notes

Biomes and Ecosystems
Ecotones- transition zones that characteristic of both sides of the biomes that
Blending of two biomes
Difference between Ecosystems and Biomes?
Interaction of living and nonliving things in an environment
Species geographic area notable for species living there
Can be made up of many ecosystems
How do humans effect biomes?
Land Conversion
A balanced Ecosystem is.. when the natural animals and plants and non-living
components are in harmony
An unbalanced ecosystem is.. if it cannot accommodate for any of the species
naturally found in that ecosystem
Answer the following questions in a different color:
1. Poaching is the illegal killing of certain type of wildlife. There are lots
of animals that are protected from being hunted. Tigers are one of
these such animals. However, poachers still hunt these nearly-extinct
animals. Discuss the consequences of the ecosystems in which tigers
live if poachers continue to illegal kill tigers.
2. Although cutting down trees is necessary to produce wood for
construction, paper, and other wood-based projects, cutting down too
many trees can be devastating to ecosystems. Describe the
consequences of cutting down too many trees in one area and come
up with alternatives to cutting down mass quantities of trees. What
can we do to help?
3. In the Florida Keys, scientists are concerned that certain areas are
being “overfished”, meaning that too many people are fishing for the
same type of fish in the same area, particularly a large species of
shark. This type of shark feeds upon sting rays, which feed upon
smaller fish and shellfish. What might happen in this ecosystem if this
overfishing is continued for a long period of time? What could we do
to help fix this problem?
4. What are some natural disasters that might upset the balance of an
8 facts from video