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I Am Proud to Be Malaysian

Public Speaking Club/SKAA/2013
Thank you, master of ceremony. Good morning to the honourable judges, faithful
timekeeper, teachers and the audiences. I am Wan Cairel from SK Abang Aing
will talk about a topic of I Am Proud to be Malaysian.
Dear audiences,
I was born and raised in Sri Aman, Sarawak. I am of mixed parentage. My
father is Malay and my mother is a Chinese. Growing up in a multi-racial family
has taught me to respect people of different races and heritage, and my
parents have taught me that racism hurts. I was also taught to appreciate and
love my country, Malaysia.
To me, being Malaysian means having an identity – to have an identity you can
call your own, but at the same time recognise that every Malaysian (regardless
of race, culture or religion) is different and unique. Despite our differences, we
are all bonded by the knowledge that, as a nation, we love our country.
To be Malaysian means being recognised – it’s amazing to travel to other parts
of the world and hear people exclaim, “Oh, you are from Malaysia? It’s such a
wonderful place and the people are just amazing!”
I mean, people in other parts of the world are beginning to recognise that
Malaysia is a growing country and they have positive things to say about it. So,
I’m proud to be part of this nation.
To be Malaysian also means having freedom – knowing that, we have the freedom
to grow and pursue our dreams. We live in a country that supports growth and
knowledge, and we can do so much with the support of the government and the
people around us.
Public Speaking Club/SKAA/2013
I feel proud to be the son of Malaysia, as Malaysia has people of various races
and religions. Although various races and religions, Malaysians live in peace and
harmony. In addition, Malaysia is a country that is unique because people have a
varied and interesting customs. When it's the festive season, Malaysians will
jointly celebrate without knowing race and religion.
Another fact that I am proud to be Malaysian is, our country does not affected
by huge disaster such as volcanoes, earthquakes and typhoons in which others
country faced. In Malaysia, we are safe and live in peace without losing much of
our properties due to these disaster compare to other countries.
Dear audiences,
However, Malaysia also respect the people's customs, people and religion
respectively. Malaysia also has leaders who are competent and have high
patriotism. I am proud to have leaders such as our prime minister, Dato Sri
Najib, who lead the country of Malaysia and shall not practice favouritism.
I would also like to thank the prime minister as he has been developing and
maintaining the security of this country. The country is fortunate that there
had been no war, ethnic division and major riots that occurred in this country.
Therefore, we should thank all of the fighters who sacrificed lives for the
peace of this country especially heroes who died in Lahad Datu, Sabah. I hope
that this conflict will end soon so that the people of Sabah can live in peace and
harmony as before.
To end up my speech today, I once again say that, "I am proud to be a Malaysian
because our country has been independent from British colonies. I also feel very
lucky to live in Malaysia because the country was fortunate to secure and
prosperous. I was fortunate to have Prime Minister because he has a fair and
Public Speaking Club/SKAA/2013
equitable. I am also proud that Malaysia has achieved the Independence
National 56 this year. For beloved to my country, I am willing to sacrifice for
maintaining the security of Malaysia. I urge the people of Malaysia have the
spirit of patriotism. Last but not least, I hope this country will grow
economically and peace to the people of Malaysia.