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Pub quiz

The Boathouse Pub Quiz 3rd August 2018
Round 1: General Knowledge
1) Which was the first decimal coin to be introduced into Britain? 50 pence piece
2) Which TV show featured PR man Malcolm Tucker? Thick of It
3) Which canal was closed from 1967 to 1975? Suez
4) Which Olympic sport needs a planting box? Pole vault
5) Which popular tourist destination is North Africa’s smallest country? Tunisia
6) What did the D stand for in Franklin D Roosevelt’s name? Delano
7) What is the surname of advertising brothers Charles and Maurice? Saatchi
8) What is the capital of Costa Rica? San Jose
9) Who directed the first Harry Potter film? Chris Columbus
10) Where did Desperate Dan live? Cactusville
Round 2: TV & Film
1) Prince Charles has presented an edition of the children’s TV show Jackanory, true or false?
2) What year was the first Star Wars movie made? 1977
3) Before Russell T Davies reintroduced ‘Doctor Who’ in 2005, when was the last time the
Doctor had appeared on TV screens? 1996
4) Which superhero has appeared on British TV screen the most? Superman
5) What year did Channel 4 start broadcasting? 1982
6) Rebecca was the only film directed by Alfred Hitchcock to win a Best Picture Oscar, true or
false? True
7) Which BBC drama features a gangster family from Birmingham? Peaky Blinders
8) Which stately home was featured in Downton Abbey? Highclere Castle
9) Every Christmas the BBC broadcasts carols from which University College? King’s College,
10) Which children’s TV show brings unsavoury historical events to life by recreating them on
screen as comedy sketches? Horrible Histories
Round 3: Music, name the artists and the song
1) Flowers In The Window, Travis
2) Whenever, Wherever, Shakira
3) The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Prefab Sprout
4) Soak Up The Sun, Cheryl Crow
5) Nutbush City Limits, Ike & Tina Turner
6) All The Young Dudes, Mott The Hoople
7) We Didn’t Start The Fire, Billy Joel
8) Run To You, Bryan Adams
9) Dress You Up, Madonna
10) A New England, Kirsty MacColl
Round 4: Around England
1) Which county did Huntingdonshire become part of in 1974? Cambridgeshire
2) What is High Wycombe famous for manufacturing? Furniture
3) Which two London Boroughs begin with the letter E? Ealing, Enfield
4) What is the low lying area of East Anglia called? Fens
5) Which county is Thomas Hardy associated? Dorset
6) Which Devon port has a famous Hoe? Plymouth
7) In which town would you find the Metro Centre shopping complex? Gateshead
8) Alphabetically, which English county comes last? Worcestershire
9) In which county is Hadrian’s Wall? Northumberland
10) Which part of Oxford was famous for motor car manufacture? Cowley
Round 5: Theatre and Musicals
1) Which musical star, was Andrew Lloyd Webber’s second wife? Sarah Brightman
2) Which theatre award is named after actress Antoinette Perry? Tony
3) The characters of Billy Flynn, Mama Morton and Velma Kelly appear in which musical?
4) Which musical is based on “The Taming of the Shrew”? Kiss Me Kate
5) Which musical is the song “Ol’ Man River” from? Show Boat
6) In which country is “The King And I” set? Siam (Thailand)
7) Who wrote the novel that forms the basis of “The Phantom of the Opera”? Gaston Laroux
8) Which musical is “I Know Him So Well” from? Chess
9) Which musical hailed the Dawning Of The Age Of Aquarius? Hair
10) Which former Saint turned down a musical role in “Aspects of Love”? Roger Moore
Round 6: Pot Luck
1) What name is given to the hill in the centre of any Greek city? Acropolis
2) If its 12 noon GMT, what time is it in Cairo? 2pm
3) What does the T stand for in ATM? Teller
4) From which camber does oxygen rich blood leave the heart through the aorta, the left or
right ventricle? Left ventricle
5) Which country has the most MEPs? Germany
6) In music, a flat sign lowers a note, what sign raises a note? Sharp
7) What are the two main colours of the Vatican flag? White and yellow
8) Which writer created Philip Marlowe, the private eye? Raymond Chandler
9) Farouk was King of which country? Egypt
10) How many square inches in a square foot? 144
Picture Round:
Page 1:
1) Flight of the Phoenix
2) A Hard Day’s Night
3) Stepford Wives
4) The Shining
5) Smokie & The Bandit
6) To Kill A Mockingbird
7) ET
8) Fantastic Four
9) The Dark Night
10) A Bridge Too Far
Page 2:
1) Wayne’s World
2) 12 Angry Men
3) Withnail and I
4) Blood Diamonds
5) Ace Ventura
6) The Blues Brothers
7) Beetlejuice
8) Trading Places
9) Annie Hall
10) Monte Carlo or Bust