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Mohamed Ahmed
George, a homeless child, always slept in front of a supermarket waiting for any
money from shoppers but the owner didn’t like it because some shoppers find it
uncomfortable and as the days passed complains augmented which caused unsatisfactory
from the customers.
The owner wasn’t able to think of a solution but to move the abandoned boy away
“George may you please move out of the way because customers pass from here a lot
with carts so they may trip over you by accident?” Mark politely asked “but I get tipped
here and I am used to sleep here; I can’t move out of here, please sir I have nowhere to go
but here!” George cried with fear. The child was only 12 in age and there was nowhere
for him to go and Mark knows this however that’s affecting his shop’s income and the
guest’s satisfaction. The owner left him for the day till he thinks of a solution.
“How’s your day Dad? you look like you have something to say but hiding it”
Craig eagerly asked and stated. The father revealed his problem and told him about the
innocent homeless child who barely eats and always sleeps in front of the shop. In
addition, he asked him for a solution or for some advice with the situation. Craig’s facial
expressions changed, it was as if he knew the boy, his eyes got filled with tears. Craig felt
sorry for the homeless and helpless child because he was 12 and Craig is also 12, it was
as he knew him. “I believe that we should help him because if I was George(homeless) I
would have pleaded for help in my heart wanting help from others if and it’s our duty as
humans to do this!” Craig contended “You grew up son, you understand the world, you
became wise and this makes me p-” the father was interrupted “Proud! I am sure his
parents wanted to have the same feelings you’re having now, but unfortunately they
aren’t there for him now!” Craig suddenly vindicated and interrupted his father… The
convo ended up with no solution and it was already midnight so they both headed to their
rooms dismally.
After two years… “Dad I am going to the shop, and that’s my first day so wish me
good luck” shouted the son “Good luck son” wished the father. It was 6 in the morning,
Craig went to the shop to open it but as soon as he reached the door, he glanced someone
sleeping on the platform 3 yards away from him so the boy marched until he reached
him. He crouched then woke up him up and asked “you are George, right?” he asked “yes
I am George…” the homeless answered with confusion “I am the owner’s son and I will
be here every day from now on so if you need anything don’t hesitate to head over to the
shop” he generously offered “oh, Thanks but your dad told me to not cross the shop’s
square and I never did since the past years also is your dad okay?” George purely asked
“Yeah he’s alright and it’s okay to head over… Got to go to work bye!” Craig quickly
answered. He rushed to work and as he was working, Craig decided to give George
everyday 1 dollars in the morning, 2 dollars at 4 o’clock and 1 dollar before he leaves. He
helped him and remained doing this for the whole month and George was extremely
joyful when Craig started to do this.
Mohamed Ahmed
The shop often closes late at midnight therefore Craig always leave late and of
course George doesn’t sleep until Craig is out of the shop so he can help him with closing
however one day he stayed very late which was unexpected and strange because it never
happened. He went to the shop to check him out. George immediately rushed to him and
found him on the floor unconscious, “Craig, Craig WAKE UP!” he uselessly shouted but
with no answer. The boy lifted him up and took him to the nearest hospital with a cab
which took 4 dollars and George paid to the driver all what was in his pocket without
hesitation. “Son, you are okay now” the father eased ‘’What happened yesterday?’’
Craig unknowingly asked, Mark explained to his son what happened yesterday to him
‘’George saved your life because your blood pressure got dangerously low which caused
you to faint and without George , you could have died!’’ Mark acknowledges