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Operation and Use of Governors

Operation and
Use of
Governors- are also known as speed
limiters; they are used in different places
like engines to measure and regulate the
speed of an engine.
1.Centrifugal Governor-are used to balancing the
rotating balls by using the centrifugal force. Two balls
with equal mass are attached to the arms, they are
called as fly balls or governor balls. With the help of
spindle, balls rotate and the engine is driven by the
bevel gear. To the spindle upper end arms are joined,
when the balls are revolving about the vertical axis
they move up and down.
While the spindle is revolving simultaneously the
sleeve is also revolving along with the spindle. The
sleeve can be moved smoothly up and down. When
the spindle speeds increases in then the balls and the
sleeve rise, and fall when the spindle speed
decreases. While Sleeves moving up and down
directions at that case if there is no need of the sleeve
working ‘S’ is provided to stop the spindle. Sleeve
arrangement is connected to the bell crank lever
followed by the throttle valve. When the load on the
engine increases then automatically speeds of the
governor decreases.
The decrease in the governor speed result
in the decrease of the centrifugal force on
the balls. Working fluid supply is also
decreased when the sleeve increases and
increased when it is decreased. When the
sleeve is moving in the upward direction at
that time supply of the working fluid is
decrease in that stage speed is also
decreased and power output must be
Pendulum governor
Watt Governors