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How to Make a Staff Schedule

How to Make a Staff Schedule
In order to run any successful business, it is essential to manage your staff
and their work hours.
Whether you're responsible for service businesses such as
landscaping companies or cleaning services, or retail establishments
such as stores or restaurants, staff scheduling is an important task
that shouldn't be overlooked. Creating a staff schedule that works
well for both the business and its employees can be a burdensome
task, but you can make the process a little easier with some proper
Obtain a complete list of all employees, including line staff as well as
management staff. It's imperative that you work with the most updated
information available, as certain businesses experience a high turnover rate
and staff can change from one week to the next.
Compile a full listing of any employees who have restricted work hours or
need specific time off. For example, if you have students working for you,
you'll need to know that they can't be assigned work during school hours.
Ensure that your list also includes information on which employees are full
time and which are part time.
Use a calendar or computer calendar to document the work hours or shifts
that you need coverage for. Make a notation on each day and each shift
indicating the number of employees and managers you'll need to have on
duty for each shift. Take into account any peak business times, such as
dinner or lunch crowds in a restaurant or special holiday sales in a retail
Begin the scheduling process by listing all staff who have already requested
a day or specific hours off. Add all full-time employees for each shift, as
they have specific hours they're required to work. Schedule part-time
employees to fill coverage gaps and ensure they're also getting the amount
of hours they've been guaranteed. Assign management personnel to be on
duty for each shift.
Post the schedule once it's complete; try to have it posted a week or two in
advance. There will likely be requests from the employees to make changes
to the schedule. Accommodate those changes if possible.
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