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Mechatronics Review - Copy

75 questions
Maintenance - 15
Safety - 11
Troubleshooting - 11
Rigging - 3
Tools and Fasteners - 7
Ruler / Measurements / Blueprinting - 8
Machine Operations / Operator - 6
HMI Documents / Procedures - 11
Misc. - 3
What are the colors for NFPA for health - Blue / Red / White / Yellow
An employee should not enter a space of oxygen less than - 20
Grade ____ Chain is approved for moving overhead - 80
Which agency certifies PPE - NIOSH
Where would a maintenance find info (Handling/Safety) about chemicals - SDS
Under OSHA regulation which type of hard hat protects you from 2200V of Electricity Class A/G
7. The unit of measurement for measuring air - Micron
8. ___ Is a value expressed as a percentage that describes how productive a piece of
equipment actually is compared to what it could be at maximum capability - Overall
equipment efficiency
9. The ___ is the standard of the Cleanliness of fluid systems - ISO Cleanliness Code 4406
10. According to ANSI Standard B 30.10, A rigging hook should be replaced when its throat
dimension increases by _______ - 5%
11. When a small fire is noticed near a cabinet or other flammable materials, you should first
________ - Sound the Alarm
12. The amount of exposure to a chemical without the unreasonable risk of injury is listed
on the SDS ________ - Threshold Limit Value (TLV)
Oval shapes on the flowchart represents - The Start or the End
A flow chart is based on the _______ methods of troubleshooting - Symptom and Cause
What’s the last step on the troubleshooting process - Document the event
When a machine involves a number of subsystems, which troubleshooting method can
reduce the time to find the cause and failure - Troubleshooting Flow Charts
5. The first thing a maintenance personnel should do when investigating a machine
malfunction - Ask the operator about machine’s operations and symptoms
6. Emergency stop is most commonly - Wired to the E-Stop input of a controller
7. The correct tightening sequence of an 8 bolt is - Cross patten [ A;E B;F C;G D;H]
8. When looking for machine malfunction you should start with what - 5 senses
9. Flow chart is base method of troubleshooting ______ - Identify the symptoms
10. Which manual will typically include troubleshooting procedure - Operator Manual
11. What does a Diamond represent in a flowchart - A decision
1. Choker Sling is popular because of the ______ - Clamping effect on the load
2. To ensure true vertical lift _____ should be used - Double Reeved (Look at picture)
3. When a sling is used at angle, part of the lifting force is used at _____ - Crushing Force
1. ______ Is enforced inside a fastener that tries to return is to its original force - Elasticity
2. The ______ has a cross shape tip - Phillips Head
3. A ______ wrench is used to tighten socket head cap screws when there is no hand
clearing around the fastener - Alan Key T Wrench
4. When picking a socket to use, a 6. Socket is the ______ - Strongest
5. A _____ is used to prevent the head of the fastener turning while the nut is being
tightened - Backup Wrench
6. A metric bolt has its grade designated by - Two Numbers
7. When a _____ tightened against a hex nut, it increases tension in the threaded fastener
that clamps the nuts together - Jam nut
Ruler / Measuring / Blueprinting
1. Using the dimension in the figure, what is the dimension of the block - (Mixed Number)
<Not actual answer
2. Which of the dimensions are required to fully dimension this object’s length and its
parallel surfaces - A/B
3. What is the flow rate indicated in this meter - (Gallon per Minute / Liters per Minute) <Not
actual answer
4. What is the Pressure Indicated on this gauge / Read Pressure Gauge - 1000 X KPA
5. Using the cutting lines shown, which view represents the correct sectional view - (
g.pdf ) < Blueprint lines
6. Examples of _____ tolerances includes straightness of a shaft or the flatness of a
surface - Form tolerances
7. On a multiview drawing, a ______ line is shown using alternating long and short dash
line - Center line
8. 25.4 mm = 1 Inch