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Group No : _____
Members – Contirbution
Section: ______
Date : _______
Activity 3
How POWER-ful am I?
After performing this activity, you should be able to compute for your power output in walking or running up a
flight of stairs.
Materials Needed:
meterstick timer weighing scale
III. Procedure:
1. Write the group members’ names in the first column of Table 1.
2. Enter each member’s weight in column 2. To solve for the weight, multiply the mass (in kg) by acceleration
due to gravity (g=9.8 m/s2).
3. Measure the height of the flight of stairs that you will climb. Record it on the table.
4. Each member will walk or run up the flight of stairs. Use a stopwatch or any watch to get the time it takes
for each member to climb the stairs. Record the time in the 4th column.
5. Solve for the energy expended by each member. Record them in the 5th column of the table.
Compute for the power output of each member.
Weight (N)
Height of
stairs (m)
Time taken to climb
the stairs (s)
expended (J)
Power (J/s)
Guide questions
1. Who among the group members had the highest power output?
2. What is the highest power output?
3. Who among the group members had the lowest power output?
4. What is the lowest power output?
5. What can you say about the work done by each member of the group? Did each member perform the
same amount of work in climbing the stairs?
6. What factor/s determined the highest/lowest power output?
General Conclusion :