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Memo to: Nick at Zen Motors
From: Carolyn Negron
February 08, 2019
Nick! I hope you are doing well! I just wanted to touch base with you and go over a few
of my findings. To further investigate our future market of car buyers and understand their
beliefs towards the environment we need to select a sample to gather this information. Nick, I
believe that stratified sampling will help us further understand the demographics. Because our
research requires answers to specific types of questions, I would definitely chose this option to
better understand the population. Additionally, stratified sampling is better to use since people
who drive automobiles can fall in different categories. Categories specifically consisting of age,
location, income and more. Stratified sampling separates the populations into different sub
groups that are better known to researchers as strata. This helps marketers better understand each
group and what they are looking for in a vehicle and how they feel about the environment.
We should use disproportionate sampling size. In order to be efficient, I feel that this is
the best size because it pulls from the different strata that I mentioned before. Confidence levels
are by determined by how confident we feel that the results will repeat themselves. I think to
better understand our data we should use a 95% because it will show us information under the
normal bell curve. Thanks so much for taking a moment to hear my considerations for this
project. Have a nice day!
-Carolyn Negron