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Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones
There are many uses of mobile phones that can be either an
advantage or a disadvantage. Mobile phones are used in
emergencies and contacting other people. Also kids and teenagers
can use them for studying. On the other hand mobile phones have
huge disadvantages such that it’s a wastage of time and also isolates
Mobile phones have many advantages which is really useful for
adults and kids. Kids can read stories and install apps that helps them
in studying their subjects. Moreover we can use it in emergencies
and this would save many lives. Furthermore we can use It for
reading in reading magazines and articles. Also we can keep in touch
with our family and friends.
However there’s huge problems that mobile phones causes. Such
that it wastes a lot of time from studying and from your regular life.
In addition to this it keeps people separated from the world.
In conclusion I would like to say that we use the phones for its
advantages not for the disadvantages. Also we can stay away from
the phones to keep the disadvantages away.
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