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Article David and Bathsheba

The Secret of King David
King David and the army commander have confirmed that Uriah the Hittite died
last Sunday at 20 years of age during a battle at the border of Israel against the
Ammonites. A recently turned up letter, however, shines a completely different
light on his fate and the possible role of King David in it.
By Quinten Wittermans
Although King David expressed his sincere condolences to Uriah the Hittiteā€™s family,
there were also well-founded suspicions against him. A few days before fate struck, it
is written in a letter to the army commander, that the order which placed Uriah in the
front line came from above. A decision that has become Uriah fatal.
Why this transfer was made is not clear, but everything indicates that King David was
directly involved and wanted to cover up a secret romance. For some time the wife of
Uriah, Bathsheba, was the mistress of the king and it is said she was pregnant with the
King at the time of her husband's death.
King David and Bathsheba would have planned the so-called misfortune in order to
seal their secret relationship romance with a marriage and a child. The King's official
information service denied everything, just like Bathsheba. She also denied that there
would be an affair or that there would be problems in her marriage to Uriah. However,
it is obvious that King David and Bathsheba have feelings for each other.
This case will be further investigated. If the King and Bathsheba were found guilty of
such an offense, then a very high punishment awaits them.