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Acknowledge that due to the smale scale nature of this report there are
limitations and implications when drawing more generalizable conclusions.
O’Hara, 2011
Fundrasing gives them practical skills, dealing with money, delling items.
More importantly, it gives them the decision making responsibilities for which
charity the money goes to and empathy.
I discovered something I wasn’t expecting expecting- the overridinf sense of
empathy. Link to my original interest in ethos of a school. Link to aims of
curriculum, social, emotional etc.
Put in conclusion it is where I would like to further explore in future, the ability for
schools to teach/ develop sense of empathy and similar social skills….
“Yeah we don’t get to talk about it that much, but in school council you get to
learn about it, getting the money we don’t spend it we give it to charity. So when
we earn our money we can give it to charity instead of buying clothes and
sweets.” YR3/4. P.3
I feel conshious to make comments that are not negative to the school?
Fundraising is the main objective of the
and are happy to do this!
Basically, school councils need to be facilative for all pupils, not just the
members………Developing spaces in which pupil councils play an important
facilitative role is perhaps an important precursor to participation rather than a
fully substantiated form of engagement that enacts children and young people’s
rights in education settings. Although pupil councils should not be the only or first
place to look for participation, they can function as a pivotal mediating space that
is last but not least. (Cross, Hulme and McKinney, 2014)
internet page- children learn lessons to understand
limitations/frustrations- can be healthy for later in life.
Use internet page- children learn skills for later in life.