Brendan O’Connell
6 September 2018
Wake Tech Scavenger Hunt
(Hint: Many answers can be found by using the Search box on Wake Tech’s home page)
1. How many campuses does Wake Tech have and where are they located?
Wake tech has a total of 7 campuses if you count the online campus. South campus is located
at 9101 Fayetteville Rd. North campus is located at 6600 Louisburg Rd. Perry Health Science
campus is located at 2901 Holston Lane. Public Safety campus is located at 321 Chapanoke
Rd. Western Wake campus is located at 3434 Kildaire Farm Rd. RTP campus is located at
10908 Chapel Hill Rd.
2. What does Wake Tech’s “Open Door Policy” mean? What does a “Limited
Enrollment Program” mean? Give an example of a Limited Enrollment Program
at Wake Tech.
Open Door Policy means that anyone of any age or any educational background can attend
college and find a program that is paced for them. Limited Enrolment Program means the
students accept into the program must meet certain criteria. An example would be the Dental
Hygiene Program.
3. What are the core values of Wake Tech?
Core values at wake tech include accountability, respect, responsibility, communication,
collaboration, critical thinking, and supporting a safe and effective learning environment.
4. What do you do if you are having trouble with your Wake Tech email account?
Call the IT Helpdesk at 919-866-7000
5. What services are available for students through Student Advocacy and
Student Advocacy and Support center offers hep in the following areas; Housing, Food
Insecurity, Transportation, and Funding
Brendan O’Connell
6 September 2018
6. What kind of help can you get at the “Individualized Learning Center” and where
is it located on the Southern Wake campus?
Students can receive professional tutoring with no charge. The ILC center on the southern
campus is located at Building SJ.
7. What types of financial aid are available to you as a Wake Tech student?
Wake Tech accepts the following financial aid. Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental
Educational Opportunity Grants, North Carolina Community College Grants, North Carolina
Education Lottery Scholarship, Child Care Grant, Federal Work-Study Program, Loans, and
8. What is the difference between “dropping a course” and “withdrawing from a
Withdrawing is classified as attempted but not completed passed the 60% mark of the semester.
Dropping a class is removing it from your schedule at the 10% mark of the semester.
9. What is the difference between a “W”, a “WF”, and a “WP?”
W is withdrawing before 60%. WF is withdrawing with a failing grade after 60% and WP is
withdrawing with a passing grade after 60%
10. How would you go about registering for a class that is full?
Adding it to your waitlist using self service schedule.
11. What is the college’s policy on repeating a course?
Financial Aid will let you a repeat a course if you had anything less than an A.
12. Where is the advising center and when is it open?
Southern campus, building L room 121.
13. What is Service Learning?
Participating in community engagement projects.
14. Does Wake Tech have any sports teams? If so, what are they?
Yes, they have a women volleyball team, women’s soccer team, women’s softball team,
women’s golf team, women’s basketball team, cheerleading team, men’s basketball team, men’s
golf team, men’s baseball team, and men’s soccer team.
Brendan O’Connell
6 September 2018
15. What is the school’s policy on bringing animals to campus?
They must be a registered service animal or emotional support animal.
16. What is “Inclement Weather”? How can you check for it?
Inclement Weather is severe weather. Inclement weather will be announced via Wake Tech Warn,
social media, and on local radio and television stations and will be posted on Wake Tech's website
17. Which philosophy class is PHI 215 and what topics does it cover?
This course introduces fundamental issues in philosophy. It covers topics such as knowledge and
belief, appearance and reality, determinism and free will, faith and reason, and justice and
18. How can you get a copy of your transcript?
You can get an unofficial copy of your transcript on the Wake Tech Self-Service website.
19. Who is Marsha McCoy?
She is the Assistant Professor at the South campus in the Communication and Theatre Faculty
20. Where is Tonya Greene’s office?
Tonya Greene’s office is located at the Southern Wake Campus (SB 364)