Paradox realm is a theme park which will be based in Halton hills,
ontario which aims to target the large local population as well as
international visitors with our unique core services. Presently, in
canada people are not just into buying things. People here prefer to
have adventurous fun. Infact statistics shows that people spend more
money on fun activities rather than health or clothing.
Our theme park will based in Halton hills which provides a large range
of space giving us opportunities to add more different services to our
park to attract more customers as well as covering the local target
audience. This area covers the most part of the cities helping
customers to commute easily to the park. The latest traffic figures
shows an average of around 30,0054 cars daily exiting and entering
this junction
Competitive advantage
Canada’s wonderland is the main competition which attracts the
most customers presently. our theme park have some advantages
over wonderland which will make it more successful than
wonderland. Here are some advantages listed below.
 Paradox realm have larger space which will include for rides
and attractions
 Reasonable rates along with seasonal passes
 Paradox realm will mainly concentrate on keeping it more
natural having natural waterfalls and trekking rides.
 The location is based near to city making its customers to
easily commute.
 Theme park will target each and every customer irrespective
of the age
 We intend to create multiple sources of income plus more
business offerings from different companies.
 Our theme park will also offer indoor rides making it possible
to run it even during the winters.
 Design facilities to curb overcrowding.
The theme park business is tough to break into especially having a
competition in that area but we have combat plans to turn our
weakness into strength.
Our company aims to build a high quality theme park providing full
services irrespective of the season. Our primary target would be the
parents and their children (age-5-15 to 54) with that in mind we will
design our facilities while keeping in mind the secondary market
that is teens and young adults.
Our goals include:
1. A 8% market share in the first year
2. A fair increase in the gross margin in the 2 nd year
3. An increase in market share by 10% for every next five years.
Main keys to success include:
1. Popular and wide range of fun activities
2. Easy access and exposure
3. Highly experienced management team
4. Indoor rides and activities for all year entertainment
5. Targeting high traffic area for more public exposure
6. Having wide space we can build secure and ample space for
parking near the park.
Minimizing risk factors:
1. Eliminating collection cost by providing cash/credit/debit only
2. Use of multi skilled employees with continual training
3. Strong customer base through aggressive marketing.