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Performance Management in SuccessFactors
Always a full overview, always on time
The strength of the Pon companies largely depends on the quality of the
people who work in our organization. The skill and dedication of every
single employee makes a difference. To enable you to perform your work
as effectively as possible and develop your full potential, Pon has opted to
implement a web-based Performance Management tool from SuccessFactors
to support its global workforce. With this Performance Management tool, we
aim to provide a structured view of everyone’s performance and skills. Used
effectively, Performance Management provides a clear perspective on how
your personal targets and development objectives interact with the goals and
objectives of your department and operating company. In short, Performance
Management is a valuable tool in supporting your career development.
We want every employee to grow and fully exploit their capabilities, because it is
our people who make the difference. With Performance Management as a part of
our philosophy, we support all our employees individually in reaching their goals.
In 2010, we introduced the web-based online Performance Management tool to
create transparency in the way we set goals and objectives. Since then, almost
all Pon companies have started working with this tool successfully; it makes
Performance Management easier, faster and more user friendly for every employee
and every manager.
Since 2010, we have taken important steps towards improving, further developing
and optimizing SuccessFactors. For instance, both Performance Management and
Management Development are now integrated in the online system. We used the
feedback we received from our employees to continually upgrade and improve
Performance Management online and we will continue doing so. Please keep us
informed of your ideas and suggestions. This is highly appreciated.
This brochure provides step-by-step instructions covering most of the important
elements in the updated version of Performance Management within SuccessFactors.
If you have any further questions, please contact your local HR department for more
Good luck!
On behalf of Pon,
Erik van ‘t Hof
Member of the Executive Board
Table of contents
Online offers many benefits 4
A brief introduction to SuccessFactors
Homepage shows all actions clearly 6
The most important part: ‘Forms’ 7
About your PM forms (1) Introduction 8
About your PM forms (2) Competencies 9
About your PM forms (3) 3 stages 10
About your PM forms (4) Personal development 11
Some general tips 12
Frequently Asked Questions 14
Online offers many benefits
Working with Performance Management within the Pon companies
is progressing well. Since we are striving for 100% participation,
we will continue to support Performance Management online with
SuccessFactors. SuccessFactors offers you a number of benefits.
The benefits of SuccessFactors for you
Automatic reminders
You receive a reminder by email when a certain action is
due. This way, SuccessFactors is pro-active in ensuring you
will meet your appointments on time. You receive automatic
reminders at three important moments in the PM cycle,
i.e. goal setting meeting, mid-year review, and the annual
appraisal meeting.
Always your own PM environment online
You have your own, online PM environment where you can
organize all your PM documents. Your PM forms include your
objectives, competencies and personal development plan.
Moreover, you can always access your personal online PM
environment wherever you go.
3 Full overview
You can see at a glance which PM tasks, if any, are outstanding.
For example, you may need to prepare for a progress interview,
or forward your performance goals. Furthermore, you always
have a full overview of your performance goals, upcoming tasks
and personal development objectives.
It may take a few moments to understand how the system
works, but very soon you will enjoy all the benefits of online
support: always having the most recent version of your PM
forms available, your current status, and a clear overview of
your objectives, expectations and learning goals.
5 Easily accessible
SuccessFactors provides easy access to information on
Pon employees worldwide, from anywhere and at any time.
You will also find Pon’s organizational charts included in
SuccessFactors. You may browse through your own team’s
chart, as well as search for employees to find their place in
the chart.
NOTE: SuccessFactors is an instrument that supports the
interviews between you and your manager. However, it is not
intended to replace those interviews. Personal contact during
a face-to-face interview is - and will always be - an essential
part of motivating you and your manager to maximize your
performance results.
A brief introduction to SuccessFactors
In this brochure, we will show you some of the
initial screens, explain the most important functions
and buttons in SuccessFactors, and provide you
with general information on the Performance
Management form. If you have any questions
after getting started on SuccessFactors, contact
your manager or local HR department. They are
trained in the use of SuccessFactors and will get
you going on the system.
Secure access, always, everywhere
SuccessFactors can be accessed online, anywhere you go. However, only you, your manager
and the HR department are able to access your
specific details. Go to and
log in with the personal username and password
you received from your HR department. The
Pon intranet contains a link to SuccessFactors.
If you have forgotten your login details, a link to
retrieve them is available on the login page.
Easy to use
SuccessFactors is a fully online environment, meaning you do not have to install it on your PC.
The only program you may be asked to install is Adobe Flash Player, which you will need for
viewing and using the organizational chart. If Flash Player is not yet on your PC and is not
automatically installed, you can download it from
If SuccessFactors requires your permission to install a ‘cookie’, it is safe to accept this request.
Homepage shows all actions clearly
To-do list
The most important element for you is
the to-do list, which you can find on the
homepage. From the to-do list, you can see
at a glance in which phase of the
PM cycle you are. Click on the arrow
next to the underscored items displayed in
blue, and click on your name to navigate
directly to your PM form.
Under Welcome, you will find the various items
that are relevant to you. Most of these items are
also listed in the task bar at the top of the screen.
The next pages will elaborate on what you find
under the button ‘Forms’. The button ‘Development’
displays all your outstanding and completed
development goals. Under ‘Organizational chart’
and ‘Addresses’, you can quickly find contact
details for your colleagues within Pon worldwide
(provided they
use SuccessFactors). Under ‘Employee files’, your
own details are listed. Only you, your manager,
and your HR department can view these details.
You can also use ‘Employee files’ to find general
information on your colleagues. Finally, under the
button ‘Help and Tutorials’ and ‘Competencies’,
you will find all the relevant brochures and manuals
available for working with SuccessFactors.
The most important part: ‘Forms’
You can access your PM forms via either the tab
sheet or the button ‘Forms’. This is where you
can view the status of your PM cycle and the
action(s) you need to undertake next. You
can select from the following menu:
All Forms
In Progress
Form Status
Under ‘In Progress’ you will find the ‘Inbox’
and ‘En Route’ sections. The forms in the ‘Inbox’
require your attention. The forms in ‘En Route’
are currently being processed by your manager.
The Form Status list displays the status of all your
At the start of each year before the goal setting
meeting, the manager has to open the employee’s
form. The form will not be visible to the employee
until the manager has done so.
Click on this link to go
to your own form.
About your PM forms (1) Introduction
Your PM forms
This is where you will find the various sections
of your form. Most forms will include, at least,
your performance objectives, competencies,
overall rating, and personal development
information. Performance objectives
may be predefined or left blank
for you to complete. The specific
predefined competencies will
vary between the operating
companies within Pon. Any
aspects that are a fixed part of
your job description or operating
company will appear automatically
in your form, there is no need
to add these yourself. If objectives or
competencies can be filled in, your form will
contain the following buttons:
We will provide a general description of the PM form containing only the main points that apply
to everyone. If you have specific questions about your form, please contact your manager or HR
About your PM forms (2) Competencies
Pon competencies, part 2
Competencies are split into two parts.
The Pon competencies contain mostly the ‘soft’
skills, which apply to everyone. Managers and
employees can tailor the competencies by adding
and removing competencies from the library.
This is done by clicking ‘Add Competencies’
or ‘Remove’.
Technical competencies, part 3
The technical competencies are the ‘hard’ skills. This section applies to employees who have technical
competencies in their profile. If technical competencies are not applicable, this section does not
require completion. Managers and employees can tailor the competencies by adding and removing
competencies from the library. This is done by clicking ‘Add Competencies’ or ‘Remove’. Click on
your own library and add the relevant competencies.
About your PM forms (3) 3 stages
PM cycle: 3 stages
At the top of the screen, the three stages of the
PM cycle are listed: the goal setting meeting, the
mid-year review, and the annual appraisal meeting. The color-code tells you in which phase you
are. In the example, you are preparing your performance targets interview. After fulfilling the last
stage, you and your manager must digitally sign
the form before it can be marked as ‘completed’.
Forwarding the form
Within SuccessFactors it is important that only one person at a time is working on the PM
form. Once you have sent it to your manager or your employee, you can only view the version
you worked in last. A manager and his or her employee may forward the form to each other as
often as they wish using the ‘Send’ button. When a particular section has been completed, the
manager can forward the form to the next stage using the appropriate button. It is important for
the progress of the process that the form is always sent to the next stage on time. Once the
evaluation stage has been completed, the form is digitally signed using the button ‘Signature’.
About your PM forms (4) Personal development
Personal development
Your personal development is a long-term
program. Clicking the ‘Add development
objective’ button will forward you to a separate
screen where you can describe in detail, for
each development aspect, what work needs to
be done and what your current status is. Once
entered, this information will become part of the
permanent framework of your PM. Your personal
development objectives will stay in the system
until they are signed off as ‘completed’. If your
objectives are not completed within one year,
they will automatically reappear in your PM
form for the following year.
At the end of the assessment phase, you and your manager must agree to sign off on the form.
By clicking this button, your name and date will appear at the bottom of the form and this will be
accepted as your formal signature.
Some general tips
The buttons in the top right-hand corner of
your form contain smart functions for showing,
printing and viewing your PM form, its history
and your personal notes.
A short description of the functions will appear
when hovering with your cursor over these
You can always make notes in SuccessFactors
for yourself, your manager and - if applicable
- your employees. This may help in providing
feedback. You can view your notes while
working on your form by clicking on the ‘Notes’
button. You can also make a note that only you
can view by using the ‘Send private note to self’
option. Or select ‘Send note to’ if you wish to
send it to someone within SuccessFactors.
Remember to save your changes regularly. After
an idle time of 40 minutes, SuccessFactors will
automatically log off and store the version last
saved. Your form will be saved automatically
when you click on this icon on the right-hand
side of the PM form.
Never use your Internet browser’s ‘Back’ button to
return to a previous section: since you are working
in a secure environment, this will prompt an error
message. Always go back by using either a button
on the page, the tab sheets at the top of the
screen, or via the home page. If an error message
still appears, you can usually return to the system
by clicking the ‘Refresh’ button of your Internet
Some general tips
In the top right-hand corner under ‘Options’,
you can select another language. If you do this,
SuccessFactors, the form and the competencies
will appear in the language you have selected.
The content included by you and your manager
will of course remain in its original language.
You can change your password under ‘Options’.
If you have lost your password, you can always
retrieve it via the login page. If this does not
solve your problem, please contact your local
HR department.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: I lost my password, what do I have to do?
Answer: On the login page of SuccessFactors, there is a
button to retrieve your password. If this does not solve your
problem, please contact your local HR department.
Question: The data in my employee file are incorrect,
what do I have to do?
Answer: The data in your employee file is automatically
redirected to the Pon intranet. If your data is incorrect, please
contact your local HR department to report the problem and
provide them with the correct data.
Question: Can I add or edit my profile picture?
Answer: You can add or edit your own profile picture, which
will be used throughout SuccessFactors and in the address
list on the Pon intranet. To add or edit your profile picture,
go to your employee file and click on ‘Edit’ below the
picture icon.
Employees only!
Question: Why do I not have a PM form?
Answer: Before you contact your local HR department, it is
important to find out what might be the reason for not having
a PM form. Please check the next three possible causes of a
missing PM form:
• You are not connected to the organizational chart.
• Your form is ‘en route’ between you and your manager
(see page 7 for more information).
• Your manager did not yet send you the form.
Use SuccessFactors to discover what might be the cause
of the problem. If the first of the three above-mentioned
possibilities is the case, please contact your local HR
department to report it. If any of the other two is the case,
please contact your manager. If none of these three is the
case, please contact your local HR department and report
that your form is missing.
Employees only!
Question: I finished my PM discussion, what do I have to do?
Answer: After correctly completing your PM form, send it to
your manager. Only your manager is authorized to forward the
form to the next stage. See page 10 for more information on
the stages of the PM process and forwarding the form.
Frequently Asked Questions
Managers only!
Question: I finished a PM discussion, what do I have to do?
Answer: If the employee’s PM form has been correctly completed and you have
received it, you must send it to the next stage in the PM process. See page 10 for
more information on the stages of the PM process and forwarding the form.
Managers only!
Question: When do I have to send a form to the next stage?
Answer: As soon as a stage of the PM cycle is finished, you must forward your
employee’s form to the next stage no later than before the end of the period for the
stage in question. For example: once the form has been completed after the goal
setting meeting, you immediately forward it to the mid-year review, or at the latest by
the end of February. Your employee cannot send the form himself.
Managers only!
Question: What do I do if one of my reports is not in my team’s chart?
Answer: If an employee is not in the organizational chart, he does not have a PM
form in SuccessFactors. It is important that every employee is connected to the
chart. Make sure you check the organizational chart before you contact your local
HR department to report the problem.