1) How to you setup global benefits in SAP SUCCESS FACTOR EMPLOYEE CENTRAL
2) What picklist feature is only available for generic(MDF) object picklist
3) As a best practice the FTE field must be visible to the HR department and to manager they
should not be able to edit this filed. How would you configure the FTE field in the system.
4) You are importing the job history (Job information) for an employee. You received an error
message that the specific manager does not exist. You check the system and confirm the
manager does not exist in the system .what is the wrong?
5) What field attribute do you used to mask a sensitive field on the screen.
your customer wants to create a custom field in the succession data model that allow employee
to add their three letter ISO country code to their profile.whcih XML configuration correctly define this
8) Your customer wants foundation object data to be translated. You provide the customer with the
FO translation_MDF export file to begin the translation process
9) Your customer has time zone field from the location Foundation object tp propagate into the
employee class field of the employee job information what data model do you reference to fill in the ID
for 3 and 4 in the HRIS propagation data model
10) Your customer has asked you to build a generic object with a field that references a foundation
object. What attribute must you configure to connect this field to the foundation object?
11) You are creating generic object and you want to add a foundation object as field based on the
attached screen shot, what value would you enter for the valid values source?
12)According to SAP guide line what can you do in the event picklist when configuring the events and
event reason
13)How to you create a new .CSV picklist?
14) Your customer has a subsidiary in another country that requires an approver workflow whenever a
new position is created. You create a business…..Entity is chosen where in the position object do you
need to attach the rule
15) A customer need a generic object to track employee membership to external organization for this
purpose you are creating the following fields.
16) A customer wants the contract field to be defaulted on the selection of the employee classification
field. Both fields are in the job information created the business rule to meet this
requirement. Where do you assign this business rule in the succession data model?
17) your customer completed the job information port let import, They realized that a filed vales was
NOT correct for all employees how can you fix this issue.
18) What must be set up in the system before manager can use the change job and compensation
information for their direct report.
19)your customer want to add 3 more new location These location will be used in France Germany and
USA where do you create this location.
20) which of the following are effective dating options for generic objects? Note there are 3 correct
21) When creating a field’s generic object, which data type requires a valid values source?
There are 3 correct answers
22) What tool can you use to export job classification data from the system?
23) Which is the correct sequence in which to load the employee data file into the SAP SUCCESSFACTOR
24) Which tool can you use to create a super administrator?
25) What do you need to download before importing organization, pay job data in the system?
26) Which link in the Set User Permission section of Admin Tools is granted automatically to Admin
created in Provisioning?
27) What task can be performed on the Benefit Admin overview page? Note there are 2 correct answers
for this questions
28) Which role base permission section needs to be configure for employee to enroll in Global Benefit?2
correct answers
29) Which configuration section are available when generic object definition is created using the
Metadata Framework?3 correct answers
30) Your customer has requested that you create a custom for employees in Germany to track job
information what custom field number do you need to identify to configure this new field
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