Multi-Tiered Instructional Systemd

Multi-Tiered Instructional
The Role of Special Educators
Changing Role of Special Educator
Special Educator’s Role in RtI
1. Ensuring seamless levels of support exist among and across tiers
2. Providing the most appropriate education for learners at-risk and those with
disabilities (RtI decision making)
3. Supporting appropriate instruction for all learners to reduce inappropriate
referrals to special education
“...special educators must assume roles that support current three tier practices…”
Five Critical Roles
1. Data-driven decision makers
a. Develop and implement on-going data based monitoring of student academic and socialemotional performance
2. Implement evidence-based interventions
a. Support and implement evidence-based, high quality core and targeted supplemental
instruction and intensive intervention.
3. Differentiate Instruction
a. Provide differentiated instruction to learners at-risk in a variety of educational settings
4. Implement socioemotional and behavioral supports
a. Develop, implement, differentiate and evaluate effective classroom environments for
successful education of all learners
5. Collaborator
a. Effectively interacting with and supporting other educators in their efforts with learners at-risk
and/or those with special needs in inclusive settings.