New Year wishes

It was a memorable Saturday, 2nd in Emergence Logbessou; as members
of staff gathered together to wish their First Lady, the Proprietress and
Founder of Emergence Bilingual Schools a happy and prosperous New
Year 2019.The atmosphere was replete with cheers, laughter and
beautiful men/women, whose celebration of their boss-lady was heartfelt
and profound. An expertly-painted portrait of both school campuses with
her image in the middle of them was specially handed to her by one of
the Head teachers on behalf of all present.
The proprietress, in her short address to the staff body, expressed her joy
and deepest appreciation for such a well thought-out gift and urged her
workers to continue in their spirit of commitment and hard work towards
the institution. She stated that service to the schools should be done out
of love for duty rather than reward, seeing that God who knows the
intent of each heart rewards accordingly. She assured them all that she is
particularly interested in their growth and social stability and will do her
best to make ensure that sincere efforts are duly appreciated. She ended
by wishing all her staff members a truly prosperous new year 2019.
A common meal was shared and with no differentiating between
administrative staff, teachers, drivers or janitors, the proprietress gave
each person a big, motherly hug and later on joined in the merry-making
and dancing of the evening.
That; indeed, was a fresh and delightful restart of the new year!!