Chemistry Syllabus

teachers may fill out and turn in a discipline
referral for each student who has violated
class and/ or school rules in the absence of
the teacher. When substitutes are present,
there will be NO PASSES TO LEAVE.
Unless special circumstances are present
from front office, other teachers, or
approved before by teacher.
Instructor information:
❖ Ms. Tatiana Vidal
❖ Fort Stockton High School Room #37
❖ Conference: 3:20 p.m. - 4:05 p.m.
❖ Email: ​[email protected]
Objective for the school year:
“In Chemistry, students conduct laboratory and
field investigations, use scientific methods during
investigations, and make informed decisions using
critical thinking and scientific problem solving.
Students study a variety of topics that include
characteristics of matter, use of the Periodic Table,
development of atomic theory and chemical
bonding, chemical stoichiometry, gas laws, solution
chemistry, thermochemistry, and nuclear chemistry.
Students will investigate how chemistry is an
integral part of our daily lives.” (TEKS Resource
Accountability & Expectations​:
Weekly assignments, activities, projects and
due dates are posted on the board. Students
should review the board daily for changes,
updates, and messages.
Students are responsible for obtaining
missed assignments which will be put in a
folder weekly by period and day of the
Students should keep all material that is
handed out by the teacher in a 3-ring binder
and brought to class daily which will be
included in their class participation grade.
Behavior with Substitute:​ ​Substitute
Please refer to the student handbook school
policy for making up work, late work, dress
code, cheating, plagiarism, tardiness,
homework, Pledge of Allegiance, conduct,
semester test exemptions, textbooks,
portable music devices, cell phones and
semester exams.
Grading for Science Department Policy:
▪ Tests/ projects 50%
▪ Daily Grades and Homework 40%
▪ Participation 10%
▪ Attitude, and class participation in both lab
and lecture will be considered in borderline
grades (i.e. 89=A). Please be aware that
borderline grades will NOT automatically be
raised to the next letter grade.
▪ Extra credit is not an option for individual
students. Discretion will be used for
class-wide extra credit. No other extra
credit is available
Grade Scale:
▪ 90-100 (A)
▪ 80-89 (B)
▪ 70-79 (C)
▪ 60-69 (D)
▪ 59 and below (F)
Supplies ​required​ for the school year:
✓ 2” or 3” binder
✓ 1 -2 packs of loose leaf filler paper (College
Rule Preferred)
✓ 15 dividers
✓ Black or blue pens**
✓ Pencils**
✓ Box of Tissue
Curriculum Schedule
(Dates are subject to change dependent upon
Fall 2018
Supplies ​to consider​ keeping at home for
all courses​:
✓ Glue Sticks
✓ Map Colors or Markers
✓ Pencils*
✓ Scientific Calculator*
1. Obey all school rules (including dress code
and limitations of electronic devices).
2. Be in your seat by the time that tardy bell
rings, prepared to learn, with all required
Laboratory Management
Tentative Month
to be Covered:
August 2nd Day of
Unit 1: Matter
Unit 2: Atomic Structure
and Periodic Table
Unit 3: Chemical
Unit 4: Chemical
Unit 5: Chemical
Equations and Reactions
Unit 6: Mole Concept
September October
Spring 2019
3. Be respectful of your classmates, instructor
and all their property.
4. Speak at appropriate times. No profanity,
abusive language, put downs, or teasing.
Unit 7: Stoichiometry
5. No​ food, drinks, or gum​ will be allowed in
the classroom (​bottled water only​).
Unit 8: Gases
January - February
Unit 9: Solutions
February - March
Unit 10: Acids and Bases
6. Also be ready to enjoy the fun atmosphere
of the science of CHEMISTRY!​
Unit 11:
Unit 12: Nuclear
April - May