Astronomy Study Guide FALL FINAL

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Astronomy Final Exam Study Guide
1. What is a constellation?
2. Who discovered/identified a majority of the first 48 catalogued constellations?
3. Describe the mythology behind the Ursa Major constellation.
4. What is an asterism? Give one example.
5. What is the purpose of constellations?
6. What are the 12 zodiac constellations?
7. What is a horoscope?
8. What are the five major aspects in astrology?
9. What is a House? Please give an example of three different Houses.
10. What role does Jupiter play in astrology? What is the role of Venus?
11. Which two celestial bodies have the biggest influence on us in astrology?
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12. What is a cusp? Which ones are significant? Which one has the most influence?
13. Please draw the symbols (or glyphs) for the sun, moon, and all the planets.
14. What is the difference between natal and mundane astrology?
15. What is required to get the most accurate information for your birth chart?