q82 fundamentals

3rd Form Honors Physics 1 Quiz 82
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1. What is the more common word for the “magnitude
of the velocity vector”?
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2. One metal sphere has a charge of +3 C. A second
metal sphere has a charge of -2 C. The spheres are
touched together. What is the charge residing on the
two spheres while they are in contact?
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3. A planet’s orbit about a sun is elliptical. Consider a
system consisting of just the planet. Is the planet’s
angular momentum about the sun conserved?
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4. An object is hung from a spring scale, which reads
2.0 N. Dividing by 10, it’s determined that the
object’s mass is 0.2 kg. Which kind of mass was
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5. An object is pulled at constant speed to the right by a
rope, which is angled 30o above horizontal. The
tension in the rope is 5.0 N. Is the force of friction
greater than, less than, or equal to 5.0 N?
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6. An object is attached to a horizontal spring,
compressing the spring by 0.15 m. A second object,
twice as massive as the first, compresses the same
spring by 0.15 m. By how much has the potential
energy of the spring-object system changed?