October 12, 2019
Sara Costanza, Personnel Director
Liberty International, Inc.
Lansdowne, PA 24153
Dear Ms. Costanza:
Please consider my application for a entry level management position at
your Lake Geneva shipping line as advertised on November 1 thru Career
Builder’s. I’ll graduate college December 2012 from Rice University with a
B.A. in International Business. I know my experience is pretty close to what
companies might want given I’m about to graduate and haven’t had much
direct experience. My dream job is to work as a logistic manager for a major
international container shipping line and what your seeking falls in line to
what I’m pursuing.
As you can see from my enclosed resume, I landed and intern position thru
APL lines the Summer of 2008 where I worked in export documentation and
created international bills of lading for global accounts. I learned all about
shipping lanes, how goods are rated for shipping cost, insurance, arrival
times, and even restrictions on goods going to certain countries. During the
previous Summer, I worked at the same shipping line as a dock worker
loading shipping containers.
Just wearing a tie or nice trousers looks good but it’s also good to be able to
say I loaded the containers. I’ve gotten my hands dirty learning from the
bottom up. I am well aware of the expectations for this position and hope my
Summer intern and related skills will show you my passion for this industry.
I bring relevant experience to the table so you won’t have to worry about
training me if hired. I’m disciplined, energetic, and a quick learner. I confident
I will be an asset to the team.
If my background meets your needs, please call anytime after 11a.m. to
(972)-777-9311 or email me at [email protected]
Brad Wilkins
Student, Rice University
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