3 strip star

14-DIY: Dice star
The other day I showed a couple of stars appear on the blog, as I have
merged many of over the last few years. Yesterday, I took a few pictures of
the process. You can choose to cut strips of paper or you can use the halfstar Strip. These are braided by Star strips.
You must use:
1 ½ star Strip
Clip the star Strip over so that you have 3 half. Fold them in half again.
Folded must be sharp.
Before the one Strip through the loop. Now we have prepared all three strips.
Hold it tightly around the Strip.
Fold the strip about 3 times (so that three trestle on the Strip).
To do this, "roll" the one strip around one of the others.
Roll it out again, and repeat the same process for the other strips.
Now you have three test strips, which should look like this.
Put one strip vertically with the tips down toward you. Drag strip nr. 2
around it first so that it is horizontal and with the tips on the right.
The third strip pulls you around No. 2, so that it is parallel to the first and
with the tips away from yourself.
Drag the tips from the third Strip through the eye on the first strip, so the
three strips to form a triangle. It does not matter that it does not lie flat.
Tighten so that the strips are now forming a corner (or three sides of the
If you turn it on, you might be able to better see it.
Now you need to close the cube. Fold the first strip up and over (follow the
fold, as you've already created, since you prepared strips).
Fold the next Strip over. Make sure that the first strip is solved, so there is a
loop, as shown in the picture below.
Take the third Strip and plug through the small loop that you made above.
Tight strips gently, so you get a cube, as below.
Turn the cube so that the three strips to fall off to the side like a flower that
opens up at the cube, which form the Corner. the Centre, will be the focal
point of where the excess ends of the strips must sting out.
Each strip is double, and you must now take the ends one at a time, so each
end can form a tip on the star. Before the Strip in a soft arc around and into
the through the flap, which is shown in the image below.
Gently pull to without bending the Strip. You may need to help shape it by
putting your left thumb gently on top. Here exploited security's natural
resiliency so that the tip does not settles down flat to the cube.
Rotate the cube in your hand so that you can repeat the same process with
the other two ends on this side of the star. Here is another tip ...
... and the third tip. Tips for tight, so they are just tight.
Flip the star on.
Again, the tips are shaped "clockwise". This time, the tip is not under a flap
but instead is dragged on at the back. I.e. you need to poke the tip into the
hole behind one of the ends, you have just shaped on the other side of the
cube. The tips will eventually come out in the same place and be assembled
two and two again.
Repeat the process with the other two ends. Again, make sure that the tips
are tightened evenly up. Otherwise get the star a rough expression.
Turn the star again, and you can now see that the ends are joined together
two and two-just ready to rock with a small pair of scissors.
And voilá! A paragraph finished star.
Just to hang on the Christmas tree.
Good 3. Sunday of advent.
Have you got blood on the tooth to merge more Christmas decorations, so
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