A report about the Malacca trip by The History Society of

A report about the Malacca trip by The History Society of SMK Semerah
On 24 August 2008, The History Society of SMK Semerah hasconducted an educational trip to
Malacca. This trip is joined by 30students and 3 teachers. Malacca is known as The Historical
Townof Malaysia. It is a good opportunity to bring the students to know more about the
historical places at Malacca. The purpose of the trio is to visit the historical places and togain
awareness besides appreciating the the value of thehistorical places. Among the places that we
visited is the KotaA.Famosa, Muzium Samudera, and other historical places aroundMalacca
town. This included Muzium Baba dan Nyonya, TamanPortugis, dan Fort Cornwalles. This trip
is conducted on 24 and 25 August 2008. It is a 2days and 1 night trip. This trip is conducted
during schoolholidays. During night, the students are overnight at the hotel. Forthis trip, we are
gone by bus. 1 Bus is enough to take us along the journey. The participation for this trip is about
30 students. Thisinclude the club members, the committee, and the non membersof the club that
interested to join the trip. This trip also joined by3 teachers, Mr. Lim as the trip leader, Mr.
Hassan , and Mrs. Lina.Mr. Hassan is accompanying the boys while Mrs Linaaccompanying the
girls student.For this trip, each students has to pay RM 30. This includethe transport and
hotel.During the trip, the problem occurred is lack of participant. This is because the trip is held
on school holiday. Many studentsay that they has an own trip of holiday. The school not help
topromote and encourage students about this trip.
The benefits of this trip is the students can get knowledgeabout the historical places. Besides the
students also learn aboutthe history and to preserve the historical places. This education trip is a
good activity. All the historical placesbring student to learn about the history that has happened
to ourcountry long ago. Student also get the lots of valuable knowledgeof aged culture ago. In
my personal opinion,Ihope the trip like thismust be continued for every years. On behalf of the
historysociety,I would like to thanks to our teacher and fellow studentsfor all their support and
co-operation given during this wholeactivities.