Upon receipt of complaint, the complainants were being contacted and asked to attend this office
alongwith all the relevant land record. Furthermore Patwari Halqa and SOK were also summoned to
attend the office on date fixed to probe into the matter and record the findings on 11.01.2019, the
complainant alongwith Patwari Halqa attended the same office. On perusal of record, it was found that
the complainant had already instituted the case for correction of name of his grand father, the
execution of which was pending before the Civil court Judge VIII Haripur, however Patwari Halqa
brought into the notice that the order has been announced by concerned Civil Judge (order attached)
and wherein instructions to incorporate the correct name of plaintiffs/decree holders in record to the
extent of "Sardar" instead of "Sardar Bahadur" have been implemented (Revised Pedigree table
Regarding the correction of "Sardar" to "Sardar Bahadur" the complainant has to adopt the same
procedure if not already done. However, to make the correct entries in the record and to take extreme
care at the time of recording/updating entries, the necessary directions wil be passed to revenue staff so
as to minimize the civil litigations and to safeguard the rights of land of general public.
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