1. Read all questions thoroughly.
2. Write in complete sentences, include units, and show your work as appropriate.
3. Check your work (and your answers- do they make sense?).
4. Box your answers if numerical.
1) The box below weighs 10kg. For each scenario below, what (1) will the net force on the
box be?; (2) direction will the box travel in?; and (3) is the acceleration?
a) The force on the left side is 20 N and the force on the right side is 10 N
b) The force on the left is 15 N and the force on the right is 15.1 N
c) The force on the left is 100 N and the force on the right is 100 N
10 kg
2) If a spacecraft is exactly in between the Earth and the moon, will the spacecraft be more
attracted to the Earth or the moon? Why?
3) State Newton’s three laws of motion.
4) What is the momentum of a golf club that is 2 kg and is swung at a speed of 10 m/s?
5) If the club above hits a ball that weighs 1 kg and all of the momentum from the club is
transferred to the ball, how fast is the ball going (with what velocity)?