Chapter 2-Section 1 Energy (Revised)

Chemistry 1 Regular
Chapter 2 Section 1
Bell Ringer Exercise:
ATE: Pg. 38 --PowerPoint
This activity has students brainstorm about energy for about five
minutes. Then, students write their own definition of energy based
on their brainstorming.
Motivate / Review Previous Lesson:
ATE: Pg. 38 --Discussion
This activity has students break down where the energy needed to
do activities (such as those described in the first paragraph) comes
Introduce New Concept for Lesson:
SE: Pg.37 --Start Up Activity (Lab)
ATE: Pg. 39 --Reading Skill Builder
Have students list things that they already know about energy and
energy transfer and things they would like to know about energy,
scientific methods, and measurements.
District PowerPoint: “Energy” (CD)
Rigor: NPR: “A 'Green' Wal-Mart in Texas” Audio file
Application and /or Practice of Concept:
ATE: Pg. 40 --Teaching Tip
To help students understand exothermic reactions, show them
examples of the kinds of heat packs described in this feature.
Review / Summarize:
ATE: Pg. 45 --Reteaching
Students create a concept map using the terms energy, physical
change, chemical change, exothermic, endothermic, heat,
temperature, kinetic energy, and the law of conservation of energy.
ATE:Pg. 45 Quiz
GENERAL: This assignment has students answer questions about
the concepts in this lesson.
ATE: Pg. 40 --Skill Builder
Have students brainstorm words that contain therm or thermo and
describe how these words relate to heat.
SE: Pg. 45 --Section Review Assign items 1–13.
Other Resources:
ATE: Pg. 44 --Mathematics Connection
Encourage students to derive the equations to convert from Celsius
temperatures to Fahrenheit temperatures and vice versa.